Hi, my name is Eric Hunter, and welcome to the

My journey started one year ago when I was worried my snoring was not only effecting my wife, but also effecting my health.

When I first started researching what I can use to stop my snoring I was overwhelmed by the number of products to choose from.  Anti-snoring devices come in many different types, shapes and sizes.

At first glance these products might look like something you do not want to put in your mouth for an entire night of sleep.  I was thinking the same thing.  Many of these are not like the uncomfortable mouthpieces you might be used to from the past.  There are definitely some that are worse than others.

Another issue that might be worrying you is the cost for these.  The typical cost of an oral device is very reasonably priced.  I am sometimes surprised at how low the price is for some appliances.  I include price in all of my reviews because I know this is an important point for many customers.

Everyone will have a different choice on what anti-snoring mouthpiece they believe is the best one for them.  Many factors go into deciding which one will be the right choice for you.  I have finally come to the conclusion on which product I think is the best for me personally after years of trial and error.  Even though I have a favorite, I often switch between different ones regularly.  Each s is different and on different nights, one will be better suited for me than even my personal favorite.  Do not be discouraged as you go through different variations, some can be very uncomfortable.  Finding the right one will however change your life.

All of my reviews are well documented personal experiences of each product I tested.  I keep a journal that I religiously use to write down my thoughts, feelings, and experience every step of the way.  I also note down my wife’s experiences throughout the process which is a great bonus.  We both have very different bone structures, jaws, and sensitivities.  So, not only do you get my personal experience you get hers as well.

I am very specific on my thoughts along the way.  I write down features, physical attributes, and go so far as my experience with the business itself.  Your thoughts and experiences could possibly end up being a little different than mine, but in general each person will notice the same attributes for each product.  Most snorers normally have very similar causes for their condition; however, we each have different bone, face and jaw structure.  At the end of the day, your favorite will boil down to your own personal preference on what you prefer individually.

Beginning this process for me personally was very overwhelming.  First, I was physical suffering from my condition and so was my wife.  Waking up tired, exhausted, and anxious that nothing could be done to fix my problem.  This was when I started researching different anti-snoring devices.  There is a wide selection to choose from.  I had heard of some name brands before, but I was in no way expecting to see such a large variety of different products.

Where was I supposed to begin?

So many had different features and attributes, how was I meant to know which one would work for me.

What features was I supposed to be looking for?

I tried so many, and quickly realized that choosing the perfect one was not as easy as it seemed.  Nothing was guaranteed to work exactly like you wanted every single night.  The reason being is some nights you sleep different than others.  Some nights you might like the feel of one instead of another.  Some nights you might not want something in your mouth, but choose a different way to stop from snoring.  One thing remained the same though, I did in fact find my favorite anti-snoring device, and this was my go-to product many nights.

Remember, what works for me and what I love, might not be the best for you.  At the same time what I love might in fact be your favorite anti-snoring device also.  The entire point of my guide, and journal is to help you decide which one you should test next.  I went through a very long trial and error process, which you possibly will have to also.  Unless you test the different products you wish to use, you will never know what you prefer.  Some that I saw upon first glance and most definitely thought I would not like often times ended up surprising me.  Thankfully many of the sellers also have a refund policy or money back guarantee policy.  The devices I really did not like I ended up returning within this time frame and I got my money back.  You have a certain period to use the product and if you return it within that time, no questions asked and you get your refund.  This is good for peace of mind so you or I do not have to worry so much about keeping mouthpieces that we do not like or do not prefer.

My experiences with each and every mouthpiece I tried is documented on this site.  My reviews and experiences are your starting point in this long process of finding a product and getting the rest you need and deserve.  Remember, what you prefer could be very different than what I prefer.  This site contains the strengths, weaknesses, and an in-depth analysis of each snoring device I have reviewed.

A funny anecdote that a lot of people think is believing, is if one does not have a spouse or significant other there is no need to bother with anti-snoring devices or fix the underlying problem.  If my wife did not complain about my snoring, why should I consider buying anything or even researching my snoring.  Maybe you are in a similar situation as me, where your wife snores as well.  Sometimes my wife snores louder than I!  However, there is an underlying medical condition for many snorers.  All snorers also suffer from side effects and snoring is bad for your health.  Whether or not a significant other, or relative is complaining about your snoring it is a dangerous situation and not a laughing matter.

I want to help other snorers, and my journey of stopping my snoring is the reason why I created this website and the reviews to go with it.  I am committed to helping others, I believe all of us who suffer from snoring should be able to have a comfortable night of sleep and wake up feeling 100% every day.

Disclaimer: I am a snorer, not a medical professional. I do not provide medical advice.