A List of The Best Anti-Snoring Sprays from 2018 for Snoring Relief

An anti-snoring spray can be a solution for snorers, and below we have our complete list of the best sprays from 2018 you can buy.Almost all snorers hit a wall at some point and decide to find a solution to fix the problem of snoring, feeling exhausted and trying to get a good night’s rest.

Healthy living is very important to me, and through this search for a solution, I started out by trying to lose weight and adjusting my lifestyle, but to be honest, nothing worked until I decided to start using anti-snoring products.

I am always testing new anti-snoring products, even though I have found ones that work for me.  Science and technology are always improving and over the years have contributed to better snoring solutions!

Anti-snoring sprays are one of the many results of scientific studies and evidence to help us reduce our snoring.  When I tested my very first anti-snoring spray, it led me to read more about the nasopharynx, and how needs a bit of lubricant for optimal health.

I have definitely become more knowledgeable on the subject than most!  Up to today, I have been using sprays for quite some time and am always eager to try a new one when it hits the market.

I also like products I can use when I’m not at home—something simple to add to my luggage—and items that can make other remedies work better. I also love natural solutions, and that’s what made me interested in snore relief spray.

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few different snoring tools. In my research, I’ve realized that the best remedy is often a combination of a few products and that’s how I use my nasal spray products.

I put together facts about throat spray products below, so you can gauge if which one your snoring challenges also need.

My Pick

ZzSnore ReviewBottom line is that I always carry my Zz Snore with me.  Compared to others, this brand is super easy to apply, and I feel at peace using it a lot. The thing that sets this product apart from the rest is the intensive clinical studies. The clinical tests have proven its efficacy, and I find it lubricates my nasal passages very well. The tissue at the back of my throat is definitely more toned on evenings when I use this. This already limits snoring, and in conjunction with other anti-snoring devices, my snoring disappears completely. That means more quality sleep for me and everyone around me.

What are Snoring Sprays?

As with any ailment or condition you have a choice of either treating the symptom or going straight to the problem.

An anti-snoring spray mostly targets the reason for the problem since most people’s snores originate from vibrating tissue. To stop snoring, spray products are applied to the tissue, so they can vibrate less.

So, the spray counters the loud noise of snoring by making it less likely that the tissue will vibrate. This can be done by toning, lubricating or tightening them.

Types of Stop Snoring Sprays

You need to pick your anti-snoring throat spray according to the effect you want:

  • Lubrication: A spray can simply lubricate the passage, so air can travel easily and ensure there’s less vibrating of tissue.
  • Shrinking tissue: If you need to deal with obstructions in the throat or nasal passages you need a product which will shrink the tissue. This happens when chemicals cause the muscles to tighten up instead of relaxing.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Some sprays prevent swelling thanks to anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial ingredients.

Then there’s the question of using chemical or natural. Are you comfortable using chemical products or do you want to use natural liquids only?

How It Works

The ingredients in nasal spray can combat different problems associated with snoring:

  • Tightening muscles
  • Toning tissue
  • Lubricate airways
  • Limit inflammation
  • Prevent mucus

Why do most people snore? More often than not it’s because the muscles in the back of the throat relax the moment you fall asleep. In some people, this tissue then blocks the way for air to travel down the throat and into the lungs. As the air squeezes past the tissue vibrates and this is the snore people hear.

So, what do you need? You need those muscles to tighten up.

An anti-snoring spray can contain ingredients that affect muscle action. It results in the muscles tightening so the tissue is pulled out of the way and air can flow freely again. Automatically there will be fewer vibrations and therefore less snoring.

Some sprays also lubricate airways, so there’s less dryness and air can flow freely. This toning and lubrication minimize the vibrations.

You also don’t want inflamed airways because it results in swelling which once again blocks your airways. The right medicinal products can prevent inflammation, so your airways stay clear.

If your reason for snoring is overproduction of mucus—which then blocks airways—a chemical substance in the spray can help counter that problem too.

What are Stop Snoring Sprays Made Of?

What can affect your breathing so effectively as mentioned above? There is a variety of active ingredients manufacturers can use, and you also have the option of picking natural of chemical substances. The list of active ingredients includes:

  • Natural products and herbal ingredients that counter inflammation such as peppermint
  • Chemicals that trigger the muscles to tighten up instead of relaxing
  • Medicinal ingredients and anti-bacterial items that help treat inflammation and congestion which can all lead to increased snoring.

Here’s why it’s important to read the entire list of ingredients: If you’re allergic to even only one of them it can lead to swelling or irritation. This will, of course, increase your snoring instead of stopping it.

What to Avoid

If you want the best products on the market it’s wise to stay clear of ingredients that can impact your health negatively or affect your sleep:

  • Alcohol should be avoided if you’re allergic to it or you don’t want to become addicted to the product.
  • Sugar will give you energy instead of helping you relax. It can even stimulate the formation of mucus.
  • Gluten can have adverse effects so if you’re on a gluten-free diet for a reason make sure you continue that habit with substances you use. The same applies to dairy ingredients if you’re lactose intolerant.

How Much Do Sprays for Snoring Cost?

So, what’s the price you have to pay to get this relief from snoring?

Substances’ ingredients and popularity affect their cost & you can pay anything from $15 to $50 for a bottle of snoring spray.

If you’re wondering where to buy many brands, sell their products via their own online stores, but you can also search for your preferred item on Amazon.

Do Anti-Snoring Sprays Really Work?

Is it worth the investment?

Opinions vary on whether this approach to snoring can really help someone completely overcome the challenge of snoring. Firstly, it’s important you pick the product that’s relevant to your snoring cause. If you use a nasal lubrication spray but your biggest problem is your throat muscles, you won’t experience much relief.

However, if a muscle affecting spray does work, you can actually feel how the muscles at the back of your throat shrink. This can almost be alarming the first few times so prepare yourself mentally for this.

It’s proven that the ingredients can affect various parts of the throat, nose, and mouth. But is it really enough to make a difference in snoring? If you have problems with breathing some ingredients in nasal sprays can clear up this congestion. In these cases, it will be effective, but this isn’t the reason most people snore:

  • Some people’s snoring is largely because of their tongues collapsing and falling backward into the throat cavity. The sprays can’t affect the movements of these muscles so in these cases the products won’t make any difference in snoring.
  • The efficacy of the spray depends on how big the problem is and how strong the active ingredients are. If your product can’t cause your muscles to tighten up enough, you’ll still snore.
  • One would like to believe that sleep apnea can be treated with a spray. After all certain cases of sleep apnea are caused by throat tissue and the tongue blocking airways. Unfortunately, for the treatment of sleep apnea throat spray remedies aren’t strong enough to counter those effects 100%. If sleep apnea is caused by faulty brain signaling a spray will, of course, have no effect.

Of course, the effects only last as long as the active ingredient lasts. It may be necessary to reapply during the night especially if you’re prone to swallowing a lot or if you get up through the night to drink water.

You probably know our bodies react very differently to different treatments and substances. Therefore what works for one person may not be effective for someone else because of:

  • Allergies: Some ingredients can worsen your snoring.
  • DNA: You may be prone to react more to active ingredients than someone else.
  • Health: Your weight and overall health can affect your snoring & a spray may not be able to counter the problem enough in order for you to experience relief unless you lose some weight.

Our uniqueness also leads us to the next question.

Are Snoring Sprays Safe to Use?

You need to take time to research snoring sprays. As much as they have potential to help relieve some symptoms than can affect your health negatively as well.

First of all, there can be side effects when ingesting substances. Unlike noninvasive snoring remedies such as snoring strips, you’re allowing chemicals and other ingredients to enter your body. Be realistic about the possible side effects. While natural products are usually safe other products can cause experiences such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Palpitations
  • Hypersensitivity.

You can also become addicted to some chemicals or the alcohol used in certain recipes. You can also experience a unique form of nasal spray addiction called rebound congestion: If your spray helps to constrict blood vessels to limit congestion and swelling, what do you experience when you stop using it?

Often people find the nasal congestion returns but is even worse than before. You may think your only option is to go back to using the spray.

To prevent this, it’s important to use certain snoring sprays for only short periods of time, so you don’t become dependent on them. Once again, this side effect won’t always take place as it depends on how your body reacts to the spray.

During pregnancy, you may be tempted to use snoring remedies since snoring often increases as you gain weight and your body changes. It’s vital you don’t use any substances that could put the baby at risk, and since some sprays contain alcohol, this may not be the ideal solution.

Even some essential oils—often found in snoring sprays—aren’t beneficial during pregnancies. Once again herbal sprays may be safer but consult your doctor before using anything.

Using Sprays with Other Anti-Snoring Remedies

Perhaps the best way of having positive results is using snoring sprays while you use other remedies. Many remedies are designed to counter snoring by affecting the nasal passages or the throat

When you add a snoring spray to your nightly treatment to tighten tissue the effects may be better than before.

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The Best Sprays to Stop Snoring 2018

Zz Snore Nasal Spray

ZzSnore ReviewThis product helps by both lubricating your airways and tightening muscles. When your sinuses shrink, it eases your breathing making for higher quality sleep.

It’s a nasal spray you can easily deposit into the appropriate places through the long nozzle on top of the container. You simply squirt four or five times into your nose each night before you go to bed.

Because of the extensive clinical studies, it’s one of the more impressive sprays on the market. Thanks to the effort put into designing a quality product this is a stand out product.

It comes in a small 1.2”x 1.2” x 4.6” bottle which you can easily pop into your luggage making this a portable anti snoring remedy.

An interesting fact is that you may not experience relief on the first night. I experienced better results two weeks after I started using it so unfortunately there is an adjustment period. But keep on using it for a while and don’t give up within the first few days.

Note that the ingredients require you to be older than 18 to purchase it and the brand doesn’t claim to cure sleep apnea. Ingredients include:

  • Glycerol
  • Sodium chloride
  • Polysorbate 80.

It will cost you about $40, so it’s one of the more expensive items on this list. One bottle is enough for about one month, so if this works, you need to budget for a monthly expense.

Snoreeze Throat Spray

Snoreeze Throat SprayThis 23.5ml bottle will cost you $14, so it’s more affordable than the one above. You’ll get about 50 servings from a bottle and how long it will last you depends on how much of the substance you need every night. You may need more than one squirt at a time for optimum effect.

This is a throat spray, so you administer it via your mouth into your throat and not into your nasal passages.

The thing many consumers love is the fact that it’s a natural remedy. The ingredients include:

  • Aqua
  • Glycerin
  • Polysorbate 60
  • Cellulose
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Citric acid
  • Tocopheryl Acetate

It proclaims to work for up to eight hours, but it won’t work effectively for everyone so test it for a few nights before you invest in bulk amounts. One reason people don’t continue using it is because of the strong flavors. The peppermint aroma can be off-putting to some. It’s also not the most effective in terms of coating the throat and clinging to it for long-term effect throughout the night.

If you’re set on keeping treatments natural, this is a worthwhile option to try.

Rhynil Spray

Rhynil Spray ReviewFirst off, it’s important to note that Rhynil spray was first known under a different name of Snore Calm Herbal spray. Perhaps you’ve heard about it as this is no newcomer to the market. It’s been around for 20 years.

Secondly, you may love it since it can either be used on your nasal passages or your throat. Spray it on via your nose or mouth—onto the hard palate—and see which option delivers the best results.

It’s important to know that palatal flutter rarely gets affected by this product. However, patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis often prefer this to many other products.

The 35ml bottle costs around $30 so it’s reasonably affordable. That’s enough for one month. You may find many applications for Rhynil because of its antiseptic properties. This will combat inflammation to reduce swelling, and this is how it helps to open up your airways at night so even if it doesn’t help for snoring you’re bound to find a purpose for this.

This is a recommended product if you prefer natural products. It was designed by medicinal herbalists.

Snore Stop Extinguisher

SnoreStop Extinguisher Spray ReviewHere’s another natural product. This homeopathic recipe contains items such as:

  • Nux Vomica
  • Belladonna
  • Purified Water
  • Usp Alcohol
  • Glycerine

The benefit of using natural ingredients is that it’s often not habit forming.

You should feel safe using this as it’s another FDA approved remedy. Just note that it’s not marketed as a solution for sleep apnea. It’s also important to apply this correctly. Applying it less than 15 minutes after eating or drinking something can make it less effective.

The application is unique:

  • 30 minutes before you go to bed you need:
    • One squirt under your tongue
    • One squirt to the back of your throat
  • Repeat this procedure when you get into bed.

According to studies, 79.5% of cases showed success. Note that this relates to clearing airways, but it can’t solve sleep apnea or limit tongue obstructions.

The bottle design is quite unique as it looks like a small fire extinguisher. This may help if you need to administer it to children. Just take note that it’s only safe to use on children eight years or older.

This Snore Stop spray only costs $17 for a large bottle containing enough liquid for 120 squirts. Other sizes are also available.

ProfesSnore Oral Spray

This is a good product but also offered in a uniquely designed bottle which makes for easier application than most. The long nozzle which you can flip out helps you reach important parts of your airways and makes for accurate application.

It’s made of glycerine and oils:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Spearmint oil
  • Mineral oil.

It’s a natural product, so it’s safe for most people unless you’re allergic to some of these substances. Despite it being oily it doesn’t clog airways.

It’s good to know that this is actually not the original product. The brand has put effort into researching and testing it, so this is an updated version.

When you apply this, it’s important to ensure it’s given time to work. You need to spray a few times towards the back of the throat but also keep the liquid there for 20 seconds before swallowing. It will create a thin layer wherever it lands, and this is an excellent lubricant that can prevent snoring. Since excessive swallowing may cause this substance to wash down you may have to reapply it during the night.

You only pay $20 for 50ml which as an affordable price. It’s also a bonus that you get a money back guarantee, so this is rarely a waste of money even if it doesn’t work. If it does work effects, tend to be immediate, so there’s no waiting period associated with this one.

Because it’s a natural product, you shouldn’t have problems carrying this with you when you travel. You also won’t get addicted easily which is a plus since you’ll have to keep on using this for as long as snoring is a problem for you. It doesn’t cure snoring, it only helps manage symptoms.


SnoreZip ReviewThis product has a very specific approach to help prevent snoring so don’t try it if it’s not relevant to your situation. Instead of working on your tissue this liquid breaks down mucus. While not the main reason for snoring mucus can worsen snoring so this is an excellent example of a product you should use in conjunction with other snoring remedies.

What makes it different? This is not something you only use at night. Throughout the day—three times preferably—you should spray this under your tongue. It will go to work to break down mucus, so there is less of a problem by the time you go to bed.

Unfortunately, the natural substances can taste very bitter rather than only minty, so it may take time to get used to.

It won’t work for all snorers since mucus isn’t a contributing factor for everyone. It’s a good option to have on hand for those times you develop a cold. It can help deal with the mucus while your other anti-snoring devices still handle the real reason for your snores.

It’s another natural substance so it’s safe for most people to use and you won’t get addicted.

Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray

Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray ReviewPart of why this is a favorite of some consumers is because of the unique type of liquid. It’s more foam than simply liquid and this texture makes it easier for the substances to adhere to parts of your mouth & throat for improved efficacy.

This also means one application could be enough to keep you throughout the night.

It’s mostly designed as a lubricant. The substances prevent tissue from vibrating. It’s backed by clinical research and tests & contains phosphatidylcholine as the active ingredient.

Warning: Don’t try it if your asthmatic or if you’re allergic to peanuts or soya.

You get 50ml for $10, so it’s one of the most affordable products on this list. This amount should last you more or less a month. This low price makes it possible for anyone to start treating their snoring problems.

Because the texture plays as big a role as the ingredients, you’re bound to find some relief immediately.

It’s a bit high maintenance. The unique texture also requires you to wash the diffuser accessory after each application. If you don’t, it will become clogged.

It has a unique taste which some people find good tasting while others don’t like it at all. It can completely stop snoring on light snorers while others experience some relief to no change at all. As with many of these throat sprays you’ll only know whether it will work for you after trying it once. Luckily this doesn’t require a huge financial investment as some snoring remedies do.

Essential Health Stop Snoring Throat Spray

Here’s one that’s even more affordable at only $8.50 for about 60ml.

It contains sucralose which is intended to make it tastes better. Unfortunately, it’s still not one of the best-tasting items on this list.

Look out for some of the ingredients that can spoil your sleep in another manner. The artificial sweetener mentioned above makes it more palatable, but it isn’t necessarily healthy, and it can lead to more mucus than you’re used to which will definitely make snoring worse.

This won’t affect everyone, but it’s understandable that this makes many consumers skeptical to try it.

How does it work? It’s designed to lubricate tissue and tone the areas so there will be less vibration each time you breathe. It’s a combination of essential oils, so it’s a safe, natural alternative to chemical sprays.

One challenge is that this doesn’t always last all night. You’re bound to wake up halfway through the night needing another spray after snoring yourself awake.

This is an upgraded product as the company already changed it to improve the taste. Hopefully, this aspect can be further improved upon as it’s still not very tasty.

Helps Stop Snoring Throat Spray

Helps Stop Snoring Throat SprayHere you’ll pay $13 for 18ml. That’s much more expensive than some others so you should think twice before investing in a large amount of this. Make sure it works first.

It’s 11 natural oils blended together, so allergic reactions aren’t likely. 10ml is supposed to last you more than a month, but this will depend on how much you need each night.

A positive side effect of this substance is that you may have fewer mornings waking with a dry mouth and throat. This can be because of the oils but also because it affects your breathing at night.

The ingredients include:

  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Lemon
  • Pine needle
  • Sage
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon balm
  • Thyme
  • Fennel
  • Mastic
  • Aqua
  • Sucralose
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium sorbate.

You can imagine that some of these natural elements can taste quite bitter, so your personal preference determines whether this will be something you’ll want to spray in your throat each night.

Nasal Spray or Throat Spray?

First, there are many different reasons for snoring you can pick a solution according to your situation.  Second, you might not know what is the difference between snoring nasal spray and throat spray.

  • Nasal spray for snoring: A nasal spray for snoring is used to lubricate the air passages in the nose. This is appropriate if you know dryness or swollen tissue in the nose makes your snore. A nasal spray can also ensure the insides of the nasal passages don’t become inflamed or swollen which will block air flow.
  • Anti-snoring throat spray: If your problem is in the mouth and throat area a throat spray for snoring is administered by spraying into the mouth to the back of the throat or even under the tongue. You need this if you want to make sure you reach the throat muscles.

Comparing Sprays to Other Snoring Aids

Sprays vs. Mouthpieces

Is it really the one or the other?

Mouthpieces can be effective because they get right to the problem: They help manage the position of your jaw to benefit your breathing.

The one thing about mouthpieces that I don’t like is the effort I have to go to before I can use them. They usually need to be custom fitted.

This means dipping it in boiling water, so I can bite down on it and mold it to my teeth and mouth. Of course, this makes it more effective, but I love remedies like sprays that I can use the moment I take it out of the box.

But does the ready-to-use options work as well? Not in this case.

A spray can enhance the effect of a MAD. If the tissue at the back of the throat is more toned and you also draw the jaw forward, so air can flow better down the back of the throat you get even better effects.

But while a MAD can work well on its own—even for some sleep apnea cases—you won’t get high satisfaction with only using sprays, especially if you face extreme snoring. Mouthpieces are definitely better but take the chance to use these remedies together to see if you can get optimal results.

Sprays vs. Pillows

A pillow can also get straight to the problem as the firm support, and unique shapes of snoring pillows can optimize breathing. This is possible when correct positioning of your neck, head, and airways allow air to flow freely.

This also means more oxygen gets to your brain and body which makes for quality sleep.

Can sprays deliver the same effects? Not likely as pillows are some of the most favored anti-snoring remedies. This is especially true if it’s smart pillows that will adjust during the night to compensate for how you move. Pillows without these features are only mildly impressive.

There’s no reason you can’t use sprays and pillows together. Once again it can lead to even better results.

The one benefit of the spray is that you can easily carry it with you while you can’t always put your pillow in your luggage. Having a portable snoring remedy can make for better sleep when on holiday, even if it’s not as good as when you’re at home on your familiar pillow.

With both these products, you need to consider allergies as you can react to chemicals or oils in sprays and pillows can also cause allergic reactions. However, most snoring pillows are made of hypoallergenic substances.

You’ll have to see how your body reacts to both these remedies, but in terms of overall efficacy, a smart pillow is your best bet.

Sprays vs. Chin Straps

Don’t forget that many snoring remedies are designed to counter a certain type of snoring. This is true about chin straps, and they will only affect your snoring if mouth breathing is part of your problem.

Chin straps are strong enough to keep your mouth shut while you sleep, so you breathe through your nose. This minimizes snoring as air is forced through your open nasal passages instead of it having to get past your tongue. It’s also a healthier manner of sleeping since the air you breathe gets filtered by your nose hairs.

Of course, snoring sprays win in this comparison if you have nasal snoring.  A chin strap won’t do anything for this scenario, and in that case, you can gladly invest in a dynamic nasal spray that will keep your passages open.

Sprays vs. Nasal Devices

What is the best option if you face nasal snoring?

When you look at the range of nasal devices available you see you’re bound to find on that will work for your unique challenge and personal preference:

  • Nose cones if you don’t want much showing while you’re in bed.
  • Nasal strips if you want a less invasive option than cones.

Most of these are more effective than sprays to keep the passages open. A remedy such as the nose cones physically keeps the airway open where you can simply hope the oils and chemicals in a spray will have the right effect.

Of course, not all these devices are super comfortable, and this will always be a benefit of using sprays: Nothing to make you feel uncomfortable during the night.

But if it comes down to efficacy nasal devices are simply better.

Pros and Cons of Anti-Snoring Sprays


  • Portable option
  • No device to wear
  • Not painful
  • Many natural options on the market
  • Can benefit other aspects of your health too.


  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Not 100% effective
  • Can cause health problems
  • Doesn’t work for heavy snorers
  • Must use continuously; not a cure for snoring


So, is this a worthwhile investment? It’s all relative to your situation. Does it cure snoring? No. But it can be extremely effective to achieve better results when you’re already using another anti-snoring device.

Managing your muscles and keeping inflammation to a minimum will improve overall sleeping quality and minimize your snoring when you use other tools too.

Last thought: This mostly works for light or moderate snorers, remember to have realistic expectations. If you want to try one out, I suggest Zz Snore as I’ve had the best results with it.

I hope this helps. Share your feedback in the comments below so others can learn from you too.