Everything you ever needed to know about snoring chin straps

chinstrap3A different type of anti-snoring device I have come across in my search is the chin strap.

A chin strap is unlike any other product I tested in how you wear it, but the end result is the same.

A snore chin strap fits around your entire head while you sleep.

The jaw is extended forward like other products I have tested, and the mouth is closed shut.

There are various kinds of chin straps on the market, some are more comfortable than others and some are more effective than others.

Depending on which one you purchase you could see different results than others.

Remember to always test multiple products until you find one that is comfortable for you and works for your specific facial structure.

Starting the Search

Like every other product I purchased, the research began with the internet.  I have researched, tested, and read about many, many products up to this point.  The effects for me personally when not using any ant-snoring device while I am sleeping is waking up tired and having less energy.

There are also some possible health hazards you could be susceptible to as well.  Among the many devices I have tried in the past, they fall into two general categories.

MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) and TRD (Tongue Retaining Device) devices.  I was curious if anything else existed, and that’s when I came across what is called a chin strap.

I found this to be an effective solution, but not without its pros and cons like the other two genres.


chinstrap4The chin strap is basically made up of fabric or cloth not unlike a piece of clothing or a sports wrap.  They are designed to fit around your head using straps – hence the name.

They have holes on the right and left side of them so your ears can fit through these holes and keep it in place while you are sleeping.

There are some that do not have these holes on the side, but I recommend buying ones that do as you have the chance it might fall off during sleep.  I found that having these holes keeps it in place even if you are a rough sleeper.

As you continue further down, you will see the bottom jaw strap that is the essence of this anti-snoring product.

This is what holds your mouth shut as you sleep.  It is also made to hold the jaw forward as well.

This hammock that is created from the top of your head to the bottom of your jaw is the core of what prevents someone from snoring.

Open mouth snorers make up 80% of the snoring population according to statistics.

Snoring headbands were created to specifically target these ‘core group’ of snorers.

I am an open mouth snorer and have found chin straps to be a viable solution for me personally.

The science of snoring happens when the person is sleeping and the tongue slips towards the back of the throat.  The soft flesh at the back of the throat presses up against the tongue and creates vibrations.  As you would imagine, the vibrations are the cause and sound of snoring.

Normally snorers with higher than normal fatty tissue in the back of the throat will experience more snoring than other people.  Remember, everyone is different.  Facial structures, throat structures, jaw structures and sizes all vary.

People with smaller throats can obviously snore also.

The strap keeping your jaw in the forward position prevents the tongue from slipping back and hitting the soft flesh in the back of the throat.

I found sleep chin straps to be a good, comfortable solution to my snoring.

No Set up needed

Possibly my favorite part of using chinstraps is how they do not need any set up whatsoever.  After all the products I have tested, I am worn out from having to clean a MAD or TRD every single morning, store it in a special place, or take extreme care to not damage it daily.

These devices need a lot of preparation, and the chinstrap does not.  There is a very long preparation process needed for MAD and TRD devices.  MAD devices almost always require a ‘boil and bite’ procedure before you can use them.

This procedure, depending on the device, can be very anxiety causing and take a considerable amount of time.  On top of the preparation process, if it is not done properly or you would like to adjust it again, you have to repeat the boil and bite steps all over again.

The more times you do this, the more the material is effected and the MAD device can become completely unusable.

Chinstraps do not have this problem.  The minute you receive your package in the mail, open it, place it on your head, and you are ready for bed.  Washing the product is by far easier than cleaning any of the other ones I tested.

Simply put it in the laundry with the rest of your clothes and hang dry or machine dry and it is ready to be used for another night.  The material these are made of is usually comfortable as well.  If you have any type of skin that is easily irritated, or any type of skin that is easily allergic to material this is not a problem.

The chin straps I have tested were all very pleasant to wear.

Typically other products, besides doing the boil and bite, you need to make other adjustments.  It is not uncommon to use a small tool to adjust a mouthpiece or lock settings into place before you can use one.  Sometimes you have to try many different settings before finding a comfortable one.

This is another reason I like snoring headbands, there is no extra tools or fussing you need to do to get the right fit.

Headbands come in various sizes, and quite honestly this was the most difficult process I found!  Deciding between a medium or large for my head.

Normally I go for large since my head is an above average size.  After the sizing process, it is a simple wrap around your head and jaw to fit properly.


At first I thought wearing something for the entire night holding my mouth shut would be uncomfortable.  However, after using these extensively, this is not how I felt at all.  These can be incredibly easy to get accustomed to, and can be very comfortable.

Something else I was worried about before making a purchase, was being concerned that while I was sleeping it could easily fall off.  Again, something else when after practical use was not an issue at all.  Normally I am a rough sleeper at night and roll around considerably.

These are designed in such a way that tossing and turning is not a problem.  They fit just right, not too tight and not too loose, so they do not fall off during the night whether you toss and turn or not.

I can sleep a full night without having a headpiece move or fall off, and the entire time doing its job – keeping my mouth shut and jaw in the forward position.

In my opinion, the holes on the side that fit around your ears is what keeps the product in the correct position all night.  The ears prevent the chin strap from moving too far one way or the other so it does not fall off or slip off the bottom of your jaw.

Good points to consider

  • Storing is very simple. There is no need to have a special case, or store it them in any particular way.  It can be stored at any temperature and with your clothes in a drawer or on a nightstand.
  • Setup is incredibly simple. There is no need for any type of preparation upon receiving the product.  Just open the package and place it around your head.  Secure the bottom strap around your jaw and you can go directly to bed.
  • Feels fine against your skin. They are comfortable to wear and the materials caused no irritation for me.  The ones I tested had a well-made fabric, and there was no issue of them rubbing against the side of my face the entire night.  I did not feel ‘suffocated’ during the night wearing what essentially looks like a helmet all night.  Different than what I thought by looking at pictures.
  • Cleaning is very simple. Compared to others that you have to use a toothbrush and a special cleaning product every single morning, this is a great relief to just throw this in the wash and clean with my other clothes.  Huge time-saver.
  • It cannot be broken like other products. You can tear it or rip it, but nothing is indestructible!  Compare to how delicate you have to be with MAD or TRD devices, this is another relief.
  • You do not need to have anything inside your mouth while you sleep. This is a plus for those of us who get worn down from wearing an apparatus inside our mouths every single night!  It is a great option to switch to something where you can have your mouth free from anything inside of it.
  • You cannot break it during set up. If you use the boil and bite method too many times, some products are unusable after 2 boils.  This causes a lot of anxiety and nervousness to set up what you received properly.  A chin strap is a completely stress-free setup.
  • Any type of dental work can use this product. Again something that makes it stand out from the crowd.  There are no issues if you have any type of crowns, caps, loose teeth or dentures.  Nothing goes inside your mouth, so no dental work will be compromised while wearing this.  It is outside of the mouth the entire time so anyone with any small or extensive dental work will be fine to use one.

Something Bad

  • Chins straps could not be 100% perfect. One negative from buying one is there is no mouth breathing possible when wearing one.  If you have any type of allergies, sinus problems, or nasal issues you will not be able to wear this.  You have to be able to breathe through your nose while wearing one because it keeps the mouth shut the entire night.  If you have allergies, you can wait until they are not severe and switch to using a chinstrap for the night.  I would still recommend testing one since allergies or sinus congestions are not permanent issues.

Who can use it?

who-can-use-510Chin straps are a good option for a wide variety of snorers, from people who just started looking for solutions or even ones who have been using something for a long time.

Snorers who have just begun their search for a solution, this is a great option to get started with.  Comfortable, simple to use, and no prep-work needed to get going with using it.

No instructions needed, all you have to do is open the package and ear it.  It is also a good option to begin with because you can see easily what will work for you.

It is a good base to compare other products too, for example.

I have tried, tested, and researched so many products that I now rotate through more than 2 very often.

You will find that you do not like to always use the same product night in and night out!

What is my top product might be your number 2 or number 3 product.

Remember, you have to keep testing over and over to find what you prefer.  Everyone has a different shaped jaw, face and we all have different preferences.

Continue to test products even after you have bought one.

The other users who have tried many different products, but not chin straps yet – I can confidently say this will be a nice change from what you are typically accustomed to.

After only using this one time I was quite pleased with the results I got.  I rotate between this and my MAD and TRD devices and have a great rotation system set up.

I do get tired of using the same product over and over.  I enjoy not having something invasive or intrusive inside my mouth sometimes.  I need to take a break from always sleeping with something in my mouth.

The results are in

conclusionAt the end of the day, a chin strap is a great solution for snorers.

Jaw supporters are in my top rotation of products to use, and after using one I wake up feeling great and with energy to start the day.

I have written an extensive review you can find here about My Snoring Solution, which is suitable for those who have just started testing products up to those who have been researching and testing for an extended period of time like I have.