AirSnore Review: More Than Just the Mouthpiece

airsnoreThe AirSnore is another unique product I had the chance to test and review.  It is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device), but the company offers a two-step approach to stopping snoring.

As well as selling the mouthpiece they also offer AirSnore Drops which is an alternative approach to clearing up blocked noses to breathe easier.  Since I am a sufferer of allergies and sometimes sinus congestion I was extremely excited to try this two-factor approach to help me sleep.

After a little research I found that the AirSnore is manufactured by a Cyprus company called Wolfson Berg Limited.  They market the AirSnore under the name Bauer Nutrition, which also sells a variety of supplements in an FDA approved facility for over 10 years.

However, the product itself is not FDA cleared, which makes for some confusing advertising.  Nevertheless, after the initial investigation I was excited to get started.

why-snoreThe Technical Stuff

This was the typical MAD device that required a boil and bite setup.  I prefer these setups due to the fact they give you a little more customization, everyone’s mouths are different so what molds to my jaw structure will not mold the same way to my wife’s jaw structure.

MAD devices work by extending the lower jaw which gives the back airway enough room to breathe normally during the night.  90% of the snoring population (which includes me) snore because the tongue slips to the back of the throat blocking this airway and then causing vibrations.

The vibrations create snoring, which causes a variety of health problems ranging from less energy or weight gain to more serious ones such as cardiovascular problems.

There was also the unique portion of the product purchase which was the AirSnore Drops.  These drops consisted of ingredients that medical experts say have antiseptic and soothing properties to relieve nasal congestion and cold-like symptoms.  There were 5 main components:

  • Helianthus Annus Sunflower Seed Oil. This is an oil that is extracted from sunflower seeds, very popular for eating which you might have tried before.  In many parts of the world it also has medicinal value.  It is a source of tryptophan, which provides relief for mild depression and helps insomnia.
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil. This oil is extracted from eucalyptus trees native to Australia.  This is one of the most popular essential oils due to its variety of health benefits.  The main ingredient of this oil, eucalyptol, helps create a soothing effect to help someone fall asleep.  The oil is used medicinally for pain and inflammation of the respiratory tract mucous membranes, asthma, sinus infections, coughs and respiratory infections.  This sounded great for me specifically.
  • Lavendulaangustifolia Flower Oil. This oil comes from the lavender plant normally found in the South of France.  This oil is used to de-stress, making sleep more comfortable.  It is an effective benzodiazepine, which has been proven to help people fall asleep.
  • Menthapiperita Leaf Oil. This is extracted from the peppermint plant normally found in North America and Europe.  Also known as peppermint oil, this calms the nerves and can also give relief from nausea.
  • Pinussylvestris Leae Extracted from the Scot pine tree’s needles and found in various parts of the world.  This helps a person who suffers from insomnia, the vapor is refreshing and medicinal practitioners state that it will allow someone to have an enjoyable night of sleep.

water boilFitting

Now was time to finally prepare the device for my wife and I to sleep.  There was nothing different in preparing this compared to preparing other MAD devices I have done in the past.  I gathered the usual tools needed for the fitting.

A pot I can use to boil water, an empty bowl to pour the water into, a bowl with ice water, a slotted spoon, and my cell phone to keep track of how long it has been inside the water and my mouth.

I boiled the water, and then poured it into the empty bowl.  I had to submerge the device in the hot water longer than most other ones I have used, a total of 5 to 10 minutes.

I took it out with the slotted spoon and let it cool slightly and placed it inside my mouth, extended my jaw, and bit down firmly so it would mold itself to my unique dental structure.

After biting down, I took it out of my mouth and then submerged it in the ice water so it would harden.  Now, I should be all set and ready for the night, I put it back into my mouth one last time to make sure it was comfortable and it was.  Next, was to do the entire process again for my wife.

Initial Reaction

I found it comfortable inside my mouth.  There was not a large number of settings to deal with or a long set up process, which was nice.  It was as fast of a setup as a MAD device can be.

It did not feel intrusive or too large for me to use during the night.  My wife agreed and we both felt it was a nice product.  So far no downsides at all yet.

I also used the AirSnore drops before bed.  I placed the drops on my chest, around my neck and under my nose.  This should help for relaxing and give me a real clear breathing passage for my nose.  Time for bed.

morning-wake-up-250Good Morning

When I woke up the next morning I did feel rested.  This typically means I slept snore free.  My wife mentioned she did not hear any noise from my side of the bed, and I replied to her with the same observation.  I did wake up with a little soreness in my jaw, but this was normal for a new device.

Usually this subsides after some time as your facial muscles and jaw get used to what you are wearing.  I had some slight drooling also, I expected this to get better as I wore the device consistently for more time.  I did like the AirSnore drops and they did make me feel more relaxed.  I also found my nasal passages felt clearer and easier to breathe.


  • Woke up refreshed, and no snoring for both my wife and I.
  • Large air hole in the center allows for mouth breathing.  Nice to have when I am forced to breathe through my mouth due to allergies.
  • AirSnore drops.  A dual approach that was nice to try out.  Kept my nasal passage feeling clear.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.  2 months to test is a nice long time to consider if you want to keep it or not.
  • Excellent price for what you receive.


  • Snorers who have crowns, caps, dentures, bridges or implants cannot wear the device.  The way it grips onto your teeth make it unusable for these people.
  • Not FDA cleared.
  • No specific adjustments to fine tune it.  Really just a basic MAD device.
  • Had some initial jaw soreness and drooling.



The price point for this is a good one for what you are getting.  There is free shipping for US and UK customers which makes it even more enticing.  Users outside these countries must pay $9 for shipping.  The mouthpiece itself costs $49.95, and the AirSnore drops alone cost $59.95.

That might seem expensive, but if you buy the mouthpiece combined with the AirSnore Drops the price is $89.95.  You end up saving $39.69 buying them together rather than separately.

There are also some really good deals on the site, such as buy two get one free, and even buy three and get three free!  Which makes for incredible value when broken down to a per unit price.

Check the current pricing of Airsnore

conclusion2Final Conclusion

The product is a nice MAD device.  On its own it is a good beginner product – it has a low price, a good guarantee and does not have a complicated setup.  The extra bonus of the AirSnore drops does make it unique and really pushes it over the edge for me.

This is a bonus that I have never seen before, or since.  I did not have any snoring using it, and neither did my wife.  Using the drops made me feel relaxed, and my nasal passage felt clearer and easier to take in oxygen.

I had some initial soreness in my jaw as well as some drooling, but both of that subsided after some time.

I personally loved the product and the uniqueness of it.  I would definitely recommend this for beginners and snorers who have more experience with MAD devices.

The drops make it a unique purchase which I think everyone will be happy with.

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