AveoTSD Review – Which TSD Is The Best on The Market?

AveoTSD is a tongue retaining device to alleviate snoring, and I thoroughly test it to see how it compares to other anti-snoring products and if it works for me. Since I began searching for a snoring solution, I have tried many different mouthpieces and devices.  I have my usual rotation of my go-to solutions, and sometimes I rotate in other devices as well.

I keep searching to find other solutions, not because what I have does not work, but because technology is always changing, and there are always new devices brought to market.

It is highly possible (and has happened already), that I could end up testing a product I have not tested before, and AveoTSD was the perfect one for right now.  They do not require a prescription to purchase you can easily buy it online now, and the price has been reduced by almost 50%.

The AveoTSD caught my eye as a new product to test, and I was excited to try it out since other TSD (Tongue Retaining Device) have worked well for me in the past.  I kept track of my entire review process and documented everything below.

The Technical Stuff

Usually, most people snore because your tongue blocks air from traveling through your airways at the back of your throat. This can happen when lifestyle or health problems cause the tongue to relax too much when you fall asleep.

A TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device) counters this problem by keeping your tongue in place. That means a TSD works at the root of the snoring problem.

This innovative approach was first tried by Dr. Chris Robertson, a dental expert, after years of study.

You use this TSD by placing your tongue inside it when you go to bed. If fitted comfortably it should stay in place all night, keeping your tongue in the right position. The very first time I tested a TSD, I thought it would be very strange to have my tongue held in plastic for the entire night.

But the truth is, this is actually the natural positioning of the tongue, and you’ll see it’s more comfortable than you think.

A TRD (Tongue Retaining Device) In Depth

AveoTSD - an antisnoring tongue retaining device to alleviate snoringBefore you try this device it’s important you confirm what type of snorer you are. Some people’s snoring originates from collapsed nasal passages. This requires a unique approach. However, a large percentage of snorers’ problems comes from this:

  • Their tongues (muscles) collapse when they sleep because they’re too relaxed. There are many different health reasons that makes this happen.
  • The relaxed muscle moves further back into the mouth than it should.
  • In this position, it blocks the passage for air traveling to the lungs.
  • The air must push through small space and pass by soft tissue.
  • The tissue vibrates, and that’s what causes snoring.

Naturally, the best solution for this would be to keep the tongue away from this tissue, so it does not press up against anything.

A TSD does exactly this by keeping your tongue positioned in the front of the mouth. It is a small plastic device that simply holds your tongue in place.

The science behind it is that the vacuum with suction power work together to counter gravity and keep your tongue inside a plastic cavity so it can’t drop back into your throat.

TSDs stay in position thanks plastic protrusions that fit against your teeth or your lips. You can keep on breathing and sleep soundly while the suction power of the TSD positions your tongue correctly so snoring can’t take place.

Who Can Use AveoTSD?

This is perfect for many different types of snorers.  MAD devices, if you have been following my reviews, are difficult for people to use with certain physical attributes, such as loose teeth or dentures.

AveoTSD is OK for people who have had any type of dental work done, including bridges, replacements, dental crowns, caps, this will not be a problem.  There is no attachment to the teeth with the product, it uses the suction functionality to grip onto your tongue instead.

People who are opposed to inserting anything in their mouths while they sleep will want to try the product.

Snorers who have had difficulty finding a comfortable product will also like to try it as well.  I found it surprisingly comfortable after the first adjustment period of about a week.

Who Cannot Use AveoTSD?

Anyone with allergies or any type of sinus issues, nasal polyps or a deviated septum which will prevent you from nasal breathing will not want to use this product.

Personally, my sinuses do not give me issues all the time, but when they do I have to use my MAD, so I can breathe through my mouth.

If you are averse to using anything that will grip onto your tongue, you will not want to use this product either.  I would urge you to try it first and then decide though.

Initial Impression

When I was able to get my hands on the AveoTSD, it looked very similar to other TRDs I have used.  What is great about this product is you can actually buy it online, even though some information online says you cannot.

You can make the purchase if you are in the US at www.aveotsd.com by clicking “buy now” on the top of the page.

You’ll be directed to buy either a single or twin pack.  They even accept PayPal which makes it even easier.

Those of you living outside the U.S. can purchase online also.  Just select the drop down on the right-hand side and choose the country you’re in.  The checkout process is the same as Americans, simple and can use PayPal too.

As for which sizing to choose, normally I recommend always buying the low-cost option first, seeing how you like the product, then buying in bulk after to save money.

The device is made of medical grade silicone, which makes it soft enough that when even placed against your lips or gums you won’t feel discomfort.


It was very easy to start using.  I immediately liked that I did not have to boil and bite the product to start using it.  Those who have used MAD devices (and I have used many) will know that it gets tiring to always have a lengthy setup process before you can start using the device.

  • I simply put my tongue inside the cavity, with the v that is etched into the side facing upwards.
  • I then pressed down on the outside of the AveoTSD and then released to create suction power.
  • I recommend repeating if necessary until your tongue feels secure and is in a comfortable position. The device is designed to allow you to customize its positioning by using the pump action as many times as necessary. It might take a few nights before you discover the perfect fit, this is completely normal. Just be prepared for an adjustment period.
  • I then simply allow the device to rest against my lips (you could also let it rest against your teeth but that is a secondary option, but I personally do not find this to be as comfortable)

Before and after I use it, I rinse it with warm water to keep it clean.  There is a case provided where it can dry during the day after washing.

The AveoTSD is a simple TRD that you can customize easily

  • You use the pump actions to create a comfortable fit
  • Although the brand started out with one device, there are now three different sizes to pick from, so you can use the one most suited to your jaw, mouth and tongue size.

Some tips for getting used to it are:

  • Wear it for a few minutes on the first day and see whether the tension causes you pain. Take it out after 30 minutes if it does. Don’t wear it to bed yet.
  • Wear it at a different level of tension on the second day and keep it in for as long as you can. Wear it during the day, not in bed.
  • After a few days of getting used to the sensation, wear it to bed.

Make adjustments to the level of tension if:

  • You wake up with pain in your tongue
  • It falls out during the night

At this stage, you’ll be used to the unique sensation. Now you can judge its efficacy accurately and make adjustments to get the perfect fit.

Now that the fitting process was over, I was ready to wear it to bed.

Waking Up

After waking up, I have to admit I felt very good.  Even after the first night, which normally does not happen, I felt like I was well rested and slept through the night.

After asking my wife if she heard me snoring at all, she confirmed that she didn’t.   This time I did not use my snoring app, so I had to go on how I felt and what my wife said.

My mouth was a little sore from using it, and my tongue was also.  I knew this would dissipate after some time once I got used to it.

The first night I thought was a success, so I would continue trying it for the month.  When I use something that works so well the first night, I like to use it for as long as possible to make sure it is as good as I think the first night.

Over the Next Two Weeks

My first week of testing it out, there was still the awkward feeling to get used to, but I slowly got used to it until it felt completely normal to keep it in my mouth.

Each time I put it in I tried different positions until I could gauge what the most comfortable but still effective way would be. It was new to breathe and swallow with my tongue pulled slightly forward, but you really get used to this quickly.

Of course, it fell out in bed a few times, and at first, I had some pain in my tongue each morning. And yes, I drooled a bit initially as well.

However, I knew this was all normal; there is an adjustment period for any product you will use.  The most important part was how well I was feeling and that I was not snoring, I knew the other issues would (I hope) sort themselves out.

Indeed, all these challenges dissipated after about 14 days. I didn’t even have to change my favorite sleeping position. Now it stays in all night and with the simple carrying cases I can easily take it with me when I am sleeping away from home.

Maintenance Tips

For the AveoTSD to work as long as possible, there are some things you can do to properly care for the device.

Since it is medical grade silicone, I didn’t have to worry too much. Keeping it clean with water will avoid any health issues.

The brand advises not to let it lie in water all day though. Always take it out after washing and allow it to air dry. That’s actually the motivation behind the provided storage container. For cleaning yours in the morning, you can simply rinse it in warm water and then leave it to dry.

You may be tempted to sterilize it often, but boiling water tends to make the silicone adjust in look and texture. Doing this once in a while is more than enough. Just remember these tips:

  • Don’t use corrosive detergents as it will affect the silicone
  • Don’t use toothpaste

When I used toothpaste to clean it, as I sometimes do with other products, it created a buildup which makes for uncomfortable wearing the next time I used it. It can also start corroding the mouthpiece.

Product Lifespan

Another positive point on the product is that this is not like many other anti-snoring devices that need to be replaced often.  It will hold up for quite some time.

The lifespan of the product according to the manufacturer is longer than 12 months.  I personally used mine for almost a year until I had to get a replacement unit.

So, it looks like they hit their mark for that time frame with me.

Reviews from Other Consumers

Across the board, you’ll find positive reviews in terms of countering snoring and mild sleep apnea conditions. For more serious conditions consumers often need something more invasive.

A prime complaint is a discomfort during the first few days. However, I feel this is something users simply need to get used to.

The price can also be a challenge as it requires a large monetary investment. Consumers also question why the brand charges so much for a simple plastic device.

Looking past the few complaints about bad customer care you’ll find many clients who praise the device. They claim it can even be better than CPAP machines. The less invasive approach is a definite bonus for many.

The shortest adjustment time reported is two days, and positive reviews include feedback from medical professionals such as doctors. The improvements range from minimal effects to completely curing someone’s snoring.


  • It’s non-invasive. No ‘real’ insertion is happening here, only on the tip of your mouth, as opposed to MAD devices that need to be completely inserted.
  • Helps with mild sleep apnea. However, you should see a medical professional if you suffer from sleep apnea.
  • Only needs replacement after 1 year.
  • Ready to use. As soon as I got home, I was able to open the package, wash it, and use it.
  • Low maintenance. The only maintenance required is keeping it clean.
  • Travel and rinse case provided. This is handy not only for when you are traveling.  The case is great to use to store it at home.
  • FDA Approved. Items that are approved by the FDA pass stricter regulations than those that are not.
  • Money-back guarantee. The company says they will work with you on getting it to work properly, if they cannot do that, you get a full refund.
  • Can easily purchase online from their website no matter which country you are in.
  • Good price. When considering how long this will last before you need a replacement, it beats out many other products on price alone.


  • Your tongue needs to get used to the product.
  • Cannot be used by mouth breathers. You must breathe through your nose to use this product, so not recommended for someone with nasal polyps, sinuses, or who suffers from allergies.
  • If you do not use the right amount of suction it can fall off during the night.
  • Drooling. I had a considerable amount of drooling as my mouth had to become accustomed to wearing this.


Pricing is deceptively one of the best things about the AveoTSD.  I say deceptively because at first you might look and think it is an expensive product.

But remember, this is your anti-snoring expense for the next 12 months. This can actually work out to be considerably less expensive than using disposable nasal strips.

The price in the United States for one is $89, and you can buy the twin pack for $139 (which equates to about $70 per unit).

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee available, which honestly every company should have at this point.

Check the Current Price of the AveoTSD tongue-retaining device

Comparisons with Other Popular TSDs

To determine an item’s worth, we should rate it against similar products. There are other TSDs on the market so let’s see if the AveoTSD is your best option at the moment.  There are two contenders for the title:

I have used them both to make sure I’m getting as much relief as possible with this approach to snoring.

AveoTSD vs. Good Morning Snore Solution

AveoTSD vs. Good Morning Snore SolutionThese two devices use the same science in their working methods, but they look quite different from each other. They cost more or less the same, so price shouldn’t be a deciding factor here. You can get the GMSS for $100.

One difference is that you don’t get a free case with the GMSS (Good Morning Snore Solution).  The case is not only handy for traveling, but it’s great for storing it at home as well.  Having an appropriate sealable container is very handy.

Secondly, the GMSS doesn’t allow a customized fit. You simply place your tongue inside: No pump actions to make sure it’s secure and comfortable.

One cosmetic difference, which some customers have actually complained about is that the AveoTSD looks very similar to a pacifier.  If you are worried about how you look, the GMSS has a much smaller part that sticks out of your mouth, and some consumers really love this about the device.

Note that the GMSS is made of plastic resin, so I don’t think it will last as long as the AveoTSD’s silicone.

In my opinion, the AveoTSD is the winner here.  You cannot beat the price, custom fit, and lifespan of the product when comparing it to the Good Morning Snore Solution.

AveoTSD vs. ZenGuard

AveoTSD vs. ZenGuardNext up is ZenGuard’s TRD.  A different description, but it works much the same.

At first glance, these two look almost identical, but don’t expect the same experience. After my testing period with the ZenGuard, I thought it wasn’t as comfortable because it’s not as soft and flexible as the AveoTSD. This makes a difference since this determines how quickly you get used to it and whether you’ll ever sleep well with this in your mouth.

One key difference is that the AveoTSD is an FDA cleared product, while the ZenGuard is not.  As I always mention, FDA puts products through testing and has higher standards than those that do not.

AveoTSD has also gone through clinical trials, while the ZenGuard has not.  Clinical trials are very important to get a scientific judgment on how well a product is working.

Everything combined, and the similarity in price, puts the AveoTSD on top for me.  I feel the $100 price tag is not worth it when the ZenGuard is not FDA approved, and has not been through the same testing as the AveoTSD.

Another win for the AveoTSD.  The AveoTSD is more comfortable, you can get used to it quicker and scientifically, it has gone through more rigorous testing for its effectiveness.

My Last Words

I definitely loved using the AveoTSD, and honestly, it is one of my favorite anti-snoring devices.  I would rank it even as high as #2 on my “total” list of products I have ever tested, right behind the SnoreRX.

This just shows how you have to keep trying products, there could always be something you love right around the corner.

It is the winner in so many different categories.  The price is great, which gives you a low-cost overall solution for a great product.  The company offers the 30-day money back guarantee just in case you do not like it too.

Clinical studies have been on it, which gives us scientific evidence of its efficacy.

You can customize it, which is atypical when it comes to TRD devices – this is one factor that contributes to it being more comfortable than the ZenGuard or GMSS.

Overall, I can highly recommend making the investment in this product, I was thoroughly impressed and very satisfied.