My Snoring Solution Review – Does It Really Work?

anti-snoring-chin-strapMy Snoring Solution was different than other anti-snoring devices I tried in the past.  The product was a chinstrap, and up until now I had only tested devices that are placed inside my mouth while I slept.

Those are known as MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) and TRD (Tongue Retaining Device).  Needless to say I was excited to try something new.

Overall the product was fairly effective.  The only real negatives I had are with the company itself.  I noted everything in my sleep journal, so let’s get started.

The Technical Stuff

The My Snoring Solution product is made of fabric and fitted to your head using straps.  The head band has a closed, circular shape that supports the jaw and the material is flexible and stretches.

You place your chin into the wide portion of the strap, the strap stretches to accommodate your jaw, and the upper part slips over both of your ears and around the back of your

While you sleep, the product is meant to be worn around your entire head.  It acts like a hammock holding your jaw into one position to prevent snoring.  The product did a good job of keeping my lower jaw forward and in place and opened my airway, which would prevent my tongue from slipping back and cause me to snore.

This was the first chin strap I had tried, and found it very easy to use.  It was not invasive at all, and my wife agreed on these points with me.

My Snoring Solution has 3 different sizes available, small (up to 120 pounds), medium (120 to 250) and large (250 or more).  The sizing choices are a great option for different sized facial structures.  Also, when I ordered, there was a buy one get one free special.  Perfect!

I bought one for me, and one for my wife.  When my wife tried it, she found the material comfortable as well, and non-intrusive.  So far, on first inspection we both liked the material and how comfortable it was.

We also had a third member of the family who was able to give some input, my daughter!

We made her a guinea pig and put the one we ordered for my wife on her head and it fit her as well!  My daughter’s head is considerably smaller than mine, and a little smaller than my wife’s.  I would definitely recommend this product for heads of all shapes and sizes.

Product Delivery


After ordering I got the confirmation email and was all set to receive the product.  The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee, so I would have plenty of time to test the product and return it if I had any issues.

A really great offer by the company and actually one of the best guarantees in the industry.

If I wanted to send it back I had months to test it, which was more than enough time.

The packaging was simple, and I got some nice extra bonuses included with it.  Inside was the My Snoring Solution product, a DVD from the American Medical Review and a tiny book about 7 steps to sleep success.

First Impression

The chinstrap has no real adjustments and the only functionality of it is to make sure your mouth is closed.  By forcing my mouth shut the entire night, my lower jaw and tongue do not have a chance to slip back and partially block the back of my throat.  If any blockage whatsoever occurs, this will create vibrations, and cause the person to snore.

After I had slipped on the product, it did in fact hold my jaw upward.  I could move my mouth if I tried, but so far after the initial placement of it around my head – it was doing its job.  My wife agreed and hers was tight enough and it kept her mouth closed as well.

Anyone can use this right out of the box.  Open, unwrap, place around your head and you are ready to go.  There is no need for any instructions, adjustments or tools which makes it incredibly easy.

I thought maybe it would be uncomfortable on my head, like wearing a hat all the time, but that was not the case. 

One obvious difference I noticed immediately was that there was nothing in my mouth!  It was nice to not have something inside my mouth, which made this feel more natural.

Waking Up


I woke up feeling refreshed, like I had a good night’s sleep.  I asked my wife how she felt and she agreed, she felt well rested.  My wife said she did not hear me snore at all.

I did not hear her snore at all either.  Which was great, we both had success!  I woke up my usual two times to use the bathroom at night and she was sleeping fine.

The product stayed in place the entire night.  I woke up with it in the same position I had it in when I went to sleep.

The fact that it goes around your ears I think keeps it in position the entire night.  I will mention that my jaw was slightly sore, but like other devices I have tried that went away with time.

I think with most of these anti-snoring devices, once your body gets used to them the soreness goes away completely or close to completely.

The product does not extend your jaw forward as much as MAD devices, so the soreness is not as bad as I have experienced with those.  I asked my wife how her jaw felt, she agreed, her lower jaw was a little sore also.


  • Nothing in the mouth. This is great for people who don’t want to wear any mouthpieces.  It feels natural to not have anything in your mouth when you sleep.
  • I found this extremely comfortable and not intrusive at all.  Very easy to slip on and use immediately.
  • 90-day money back guarantee. Even though I got mine a little late, I still had over two months to try it from the date I received it.
  • Easy to pack. Put it in with your clothes and you can travel with it anywhere.
  • Easy to clean. Throw it in with the wash.
  • Can’t break it. Unless you cut it up with scissors or tear it apart, the material is fairly strong.
  • Not a problem to use for people with dental work done, dentures, crowns or caps. There is nothing placed inside the mouth so people with these dental conditions will have no issues.
  • Not every anti-snoring device I have reviewed is available to my international friends.
  • 10 years in business. If a company has been in business for 10 years selling one product, they must be doing something right.

Who Can Use It?

This is a great solution for a few different types of people.

Anyone who does not want to sleep with something in their mouth for whatever reason, this is perfect.  It will prevent you from snoring and it fits on your head.

The fabric was comfortable and did not annoy me at all during the night.

Anyone who has dental work which prevents them from wearing mouthpieces will want to buy this product as well.

Again, nothing in your mouth that requires latching on to your teeth to stay in place.

Dentures, crowns, bridgework, loose teeth, all can wear this product.

Another person I think this is good for is someone who tosses and turns a lot at night.

This really didn’t move around on my head while I was wearing it.  So if you are bouncing around a lot at night I think this is a good purchase for you.


  • No mouth breathing. While I did not have anything in my mouth, which was nice, I was not able to breathe through it if I wanted!  This will create problems for those with sinuses or allergies.
  • Has not been cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Although you do receive two for the price of one, at $60 a pop, it is still expensive.  And what if you don’t want two.  You will have to find someone to split this with for it to be cost effective.
  • Money back guarantee. I did not return mine, so I do not have personal experience with this.  However, through my extensive research online, it seems many people have had a very difficult time getting their money back.
  • According to their return policy there is a 25% environmental waste disposal fee. So another company complaint, as they do not have a full 100% refund for unhappy customers.

Who Cannot Use It?

Some people that this would not be good for are those with a few kinds of medical conditions.

Sometimes my allergies become very active and I could not breathe through my nose if I tried.

I have to be able to open my mouth if my allergies are kicking in.  Anyone with a deviated septum, sinus issues, nose issues, nasal polyps or allergies, I would not recommend this.



At $119.97, My Snoring Solution was more expensive than other products.  The product is only fabric; however, you receive two with your order.

You can effectively say the price is $60 per chin strap.  Getting two could be a positive.  You have a backup to use when you travel and you can keep one in the home.  Or in general when the first one wears out you have the second to continue your use.

I did find value in having two instead of one.  Another point is you could find someone to use the second one, maybe you have another family member or a friend.

Regardless, having two was not a major concern for me as the product worked well and I knew I would now have a backup.    Including shipping which is $9.99 and you are looking at a grand total of $129.96.

Check The Current Price of My Snoring Solution

My Last Words

I was satisfied with the result.

I think the positives far outweigh the negatives for My Snoring Solution.

The chinstrap is incredibly easy to wear, comfortable and did in fact prevent me and my wife from snoring.

The working principles behind the product are solid.  I heard zero snoring from my wife, and my wife had said the same about me.

I am going to keep this product in my rotation of anti-snoring devices for when I get sick of wearing a mouthpiece.

If you can afford having this as a backup, I think it’s a nice change to sleep with nothing in your mouth once in a while.  I would recommend this product, especially to those with dental work and those who do not mind not being able to breathe from their mouth.

UPDATE: After using My Snoring Solution for almost a week now, the soreness is completely gone.  I think, as I said, for most of these the jaw and body just needs to get used to what you are wearing.  After almost a week I am also completely used to sleeping with something wrapped around my face.  From the beginning it was not really an issue, but I was worried it would become one.  Not the case.  My wife even does not have a problem with wearing it for almost a week, and she has a lot of hair!  There is more constriction for her since this puts more downward pressure on the top of her head.  After a week she was fine too.

I still fully recommend this product after using it for more time and it’s a bonus that the soreness is now completely gone.

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