PureSleep Mouthguard Review: Is it Worth Considering?

puresleepI have seen PureSleep advertised nationally with very bold claims such as the #1 anti-snoring device in the world.  It has even appeared on incredibly popular daytime television programs.  Right away, this piqued my interest in the product.

The PureSleep was created by a dentist who snored so bad, his wife would often force him to sleep in another room.  That sounds familiar!  He went on to develop the PureSleep anti snoring device after years of trying to perfect product.

This is another MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) like many of the other devices I have tested.  I must admit even though I had a positive experience, this was not one of my favorite options. 

There was a one-time only boil and bite set up the process, but there is more cleaning than I usually needed for the other products I tried.

I was however surprised that people with crowns and implants are able to wear this device.  That is very different than what I have seen from other MAD devices.  I wrote down my entire process of using the device from beginning to end in my journal, and published it below.

The Technical Stuff

gear-wheelThis MAD device differs a little from others I have tried.  Others are packaged in one piece, while the PureSleep comes in two different pieces.  The upper and lower pieces are separated.

I had to connect them together myself at the distance I wanted my lower jaw to be extended at.  Extending the jaw forward while you sleep clears the airway and prevents you from snoring.  I have a narrow airway and large throat, and when my tongue slips back blocking the airway the vibrations cause me to snore.

The majority of snorers have this same issue.  When your airway is not blocked and you have the airway open, your body is receiving sufficient oxygen while you sleep.  This allows you to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

One unique point about the PureSleep device is once you set the device to the setting you want it at, it cannot be changed later. 

On one hand, this is a very high level of customization so you can get the setting exactly how you want it to be.  On the other hand, if you make a mistake or weeks later you want to change the setting you cannot.

The product arriving in two separate pieces also poses another issue later on.  I had a lot more spaces to clean on this than with other devices, bacteria tends to gather easily on it.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxAs usual, I ordered one for me and another for my wife.  There was a great offer that if I bought one, I received another one free, perfect for our house.  Before making the purchase, I had to fill out a 21 question form to verify the product was going to work for me.

That was something new, but I thought it was a good set of questions to really make sure the customer is getting a product suited for them.  I received the standard an email saying thank you for the order.

One complaint I already have is that it took a very long time to receive the product.  I had to go so far as emailing the company a few follow-up messages asking about the delivery.

Two weeks later I finally received the product in the mail.  Upon further investigation, I found that other customers had the same issue.  Finally, after it arrived the product came in two separate pieces, a case to store it in when I am not using it, and a lot of instruction manuals on how to attach the pieces together and later start using it.

This is a must read instruction manual because this device is more complicated to set up than others.  It is most definitely not an open and start using product.


Setting up this MAD device is different than other ones I have used.  You need the usual pot to boil the product in, ice water for after boiling it, a slotted spoon, and something to keep time – I used my cell phone.

The PureSleep you only get one chance to fit the device to your mouth at the setting you want.  This already stressed me out!  I not only had to do this for myself, but remember I had to do it for my wife also.

First is to decide how far you want your lower jaw to extend forward while you sleep.  For someone with no experience with snoring devices I can see this being very difficult because someone new will have no idea where they want their jaw to be when they are sleeping.  Maybe you will extend it too far or not enough.  Luckily my wife and I were professional testers at this point so we had a good idea.

The device comes with three different settings for your jaw.  Aligning the lower piece with the upper piece, you can snap it into place when you choose the setting you want.

After each setting I put the product in my mouth.  This step is important so you know which of the three you like the most.  I also kept it in my mouth for quite a bit of time, over 30 minutes, to see if I would be able to sleep with this setting and if it was comfortable.  I highly recommend you do this as well, especially if you are new to anti snoring devices.

After settling on which setting I was going to use, now it was time to boil the product.  As I was boiling the water I had a bowl of ice cold water waiting next to it.  I would use this after I boiled it to set the product in place permanently.

I had extra ice ready in case some melted because the bowl of ice water has to stay cold until I was ready to use it.  When the water started to boil, I used the slotted spoon to submerge it into the boiling water.  I started the stopwatch, and had to keep it in boiling water for two minutes. 

After the two minutes was up, I took it out and let it cool very briefly, only about 10 – 15 seconds.  Then I inserted it my mouth, positioning the upper tray with my upper jaw, and the lower tray with my lower jaw.

When I was satisfied with the placement, I bit down and held my mouth in that position for 45 seconds.  This allows the device to mold itself perfectly with my teeth for maximum comfort.  After the 45 seconds was up, I put the product into the ice cold water to let it set and harden.  I like to leave it in there for at least 60 seconds to make sure it is completely hardened.

Afterwards I took it out and put it back in my mouth and it felt great.  Success!  Now I had to repeat the entire process for my wife.  She chose the smallest setting available for the device because her jaw is considerably smaller than mine.

Remember this is a one-time process.  Make sure it is exactly how you want it to be, because you cannot repeat the boil and bite method with PureSleep.

Initial Reaction

I have already tried many other MAD devices, and really liked some of the others I had tested.  This one was very specifically tailored to my mouth, so after insertion it felt that way.  The setting I used (highest) I was satisfied with, and the material molded very well to my teeth and jaw.  My wife agreed that this felt very customized to her mouth also.  She had used the lowest setting available.

Right away I noticed how I was able to breathe through my mouth wearing the device.  There are air holes in the product which allow for mouth breathing.  This is perfect for me because I have sinus and allergy issues.  So, if either of those is causing me problems at night I can still use the PureSleep since I can continue to breathe normally with it.

Overall I was satisfied how it felt in my mouth, the fine tailored customization was a plus, and it felt very comfortable.  To be honest, it was barely noticeable I was wearing it compared to other products.  My wife agreed with me, and it felt good inside her mouth also.

We both have very different size jaws, so by both of us being comfortable we really knew the customization worked.  It did not feel so invasive as other devices have felt in the past.  Now that we were both set up, we were ready for the real test – sleeping through the night.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250After waking up, it seems like the customized fitting paid off.  I woke up feeling well rested, which means I slept well throughout the night.  My wife also confirmed that she felt good in the morning.

She told me she did not hear me snoring at all throughout the night.  I woke up to go to the bathroom a couple times during the night and did not hear a sound from her either.

Our daughter, the third judge, said she did not hear any sounds coming from our bedroom.  My jaw had no soreness at all which was a great success.  My wife complained of a little soreness, but nothing major.

She went with the smallest setting possible, I think if she went any higher she would have had more soreness.  Normally the soreness goes away after a few nights as the jaw gets used to the mouthpiece.

Something else I noticed about the mouthpiece after removing it. Cleaning it took much longer than other ones.  There are many gaps, spaces and little crevices that you have to get inside to clean.  This must be due to the customization of the device and it arriving in two pieces.  There is just much more to clean than other products.


  • Two for the price of one.  This makes the product very affordable.  You pay shipping up front and the price point for an anti-snoring device is one of the best I have seen.
  • Worked great.  I had no issues with snoring, and neither did my wife.
  • Comfortable.  It felt smooth against my gums.  No irritation and did not feel invasive or intrusive.
  • Customized fit.  Everything you have to go through to get it fitted, creates a very unique customization for your mouth individually.
  • Mouth breathing.  The air holes allowed me to breathe through my mouth if need be.  Which is perfect for when my sinuses or allergies are acting up.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) and latex free.  BPA is a chemical used to create plastics.  Not good for your health, and I don’t like to use products created with this chemical.
  • Free to try for 30 days.  I only had to pay for shipping, and 30 days later my card is charged.  If I send the product back before the 30 days is over I do not get charged anything.
  • Questionnaire to buy.  I had to fill out some interesting questions before purchasing, which reassured me that the product was going to work for me before it even arrived.
  • Made in the USA, cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  Products that are made in America and cleared by the FDA are of higher quality.
  • Possible to wear with crowns or implants.  This is a big one that we usually do not see from MAD devices.  If you have had dental work done that is older than 3 months, you can use this product.  Make sure you speak with your dentist first.
  • Can be worn with partial dentures.  Again, consult your dentist before using, but it is possible to be worn with partial dentures.

Who can use it?

This mouthpiece will be an attractive option for a variety of people to try.  The mouth breathing allowed me to use it even when my sinuses or allergies were causing me problems.

If you have any nasal polyps, sinus issues, allergies, deviated septum, or other nasal issues the PureSleep will be a great choice.

This is also a good choice for people with crowns, implants or partial dentures.  Normally I have not seen this available in a MAD device for these types of people.

However, if your dental work is over 3 months old and your dentist clears you for using this device you will be able to purchase it and try.

My wife had no irritation inside her mouth or on her skin.  Her skin is more sensitive than mine, so this is a good option for people with sensitive skin as well.


  • Long shipping time.  It took me 2 weeks to receive the PureSleep.  Seems like an incredibly unnecessary shipping time.
  • Wife had a sore jaw.  She used the lowest setting and still had a sore jaw.
  • Unbelievably difficult and stressful to set up.
  • If you don’t get it right the first time, you cannot readjust.  This one worries me a lot.  If you make a mistake customizing the mouthpiece you cannot redo and boil it again.
  • Hard to clean.  There are so many gaps, spaces, and crevices cleaning is difficult.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaintsThere were complaints with the BBB, but they have since been resolved.

Who cannot use it?

There are not many medical restrictions on people who cannot use this product.

I will only say that people who do not like to clean their product, and find upkeep for their devices to be annoying will not like the PureSleep.  This is because of all the nooks and crannies that I had to get into to clean the product properly.  I can easily see this being a burden long term.

Also, anyone who might think they will not get through the set up process easily should be wary as well.

The set up process is one of the more difficult ones I have come across.  If you do not find the right setting the first time, you are stuck with what you have.

You cannot redo the boil and bite.  I would be a little nervous about setting it up as a first time anti-snoring device user.


price-200pxThis is a great deal.  The price is $59.90, but you get two for the price of one.  That breaks down to a per unit price of $29.95.  That is a very great price for this product.

You pay $9.95 to ship the two devices to your house.  Another bonus is you have 30 days before you even get charged for the product.

The only issue with the latter part is that it took two weeks to receive, almost nulling the fact that I had 30 days to try them!  I ended up keeping both of them, so returning anything was a non-issue.

My Last Words

Overall the product had a positive result.  I did not sore, and it was effective for my wife.  However, she did have some soreness.

My overall thoughts on the device is that I prefer the ZyppahI would recommend the Zyppah over the PureSleep.  The Zyppah is stationary and not flexible such as this one.

Even though the PureSleep did not feel invasive, the Zyppah actually takes up even less space.

The Zyppah is also a hybrid device.  It combines both a MAD and TRD (Tongue Retaining Device) into one.  Both my wife and I actually preferred the Zyppah in this situation.

The price of the PureSleep is excellent.  But again, for what you spend, a little more and you can purchase the Zyppah.  Overall the experience was positive, but nothing overwhelming.

Official site:  www.puresleep.com