The Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow – An Honest Review

The Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow Choosing an anti-snoring device can be a difficult task when there are so many devices available.  Mouthpieces are probably the most popular, but I find that some mouthpieces are uncomfortable to sleep with and they can even change the structure of your jaw if you use them for a long time.

Many people choose an anti-snoring solution because their snoring is disrupting their partner, but mouthpieces and nasal strips are not a very romantic solution. They might help, but at the cost of comfort and easy sleep.

The Sharper Image offers another great solution – it’s a pillow that fulfills the same basic job as the mouthpieces, by keeping airways open and aligned without the need for other devices.

I wasn’t sure if a pillow would be enough to stop me snoring, but I decided to give it a go anyway.  From my personal experience, this comfortable, affordable pillow is a must-try if you are a light to moderate snorer and would like a non-wearable option to help correct your night-time breathing.

The Technical Stuff

The Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow The Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow is designed to position sleepers on their side, with their head tilted back.  Sleeping in this position encourages open airways and restful sleep with reduced snoring.  It’s a pillow of medium thickness, made from ventilated memory foam.  The anti-snore pillow also comes with a custom rayon/polyester cover.

There are a lot of things that can cause snoring, but the most common cause is when the soft tissues in your mouth are becoming relaxed during sleep, and fall backwards to block your airways.  As you breathe in, those soft tissues vibrate – which makes the sound we call snoring.

This anti-snore pillow is shaped to keep sleepers on their side with their head in a position that allows for their jaw to be aligned and their airways open.  Sleeping on your side also keeps your chin from being tucked into the chest, lifting it up to keep your air passages clear and open.

The pillow is also shaped so that the middle is slightly thinner than the sides, which should align the spinal column during sleep – another way to help keep air passages open.

The memory foam means the pillow molds itself to the individual sleeper, making it even more comfortable.  The positioning of the sleeper and alignment of their jaw and air passages reduces the vibration and improves the sleeper’s ability to breathe easily.

Aside from the irritating noise, snorers can have a full night’s sleep without feeling rested, which has negative physical and mental effects.  The Sharper Image anti-snore pillow helps the sleeper get a good night’s rest without the need for any invasive anti-snoring devices.

Product Delivery

I found the product easy to locate on the website – it seems to be a major seller for the site.

I ordered it with no problems and paid using my credit card. It cost $69.99, but there are discounts available from time to time.

The shipping was very fast and free, which is great when I’m waiting to try out a new product.

Initial Impression

The custom pillow protector was easy to fit, although was not made of the most comfortable material.  I would have been happier with more than one pillow protector and one that didn’t crease so easily.

I put my head on the pillow, and it was comfortable, not too high and supported my neck and shoulders. I did need to wriggle around to find the best sleeping position, but it was comfortable when I got there.

I was very impressed with how it held my head steady without feeling restrictive.  It was a very comfortable pillow to use, and I really didn’t notice that my head was being tilted back.  I fell asleep easily, and my wife noticed a considerable reduction in my snoring.

Waking Up

I felt really good when I woke up. I tried it on subsequent nights, and the results continued – even testing with my snoring app showed a measurable improvement in sleep quality.  My snoring wasn’t completely eliminated, but the improvement was more than enough to justify the purchase.

With this pillow, the sleeper does not need any additional anti-snoring mouthpieces or devices unless desired.  That means no fitting, uncomfortable Mandibular Advancement Devices or Tongue Stabilizing Devices before falling asleep unless you want to.

I tried the pillow without using another device, and also tried it with my favorite anti-snoring mouthpiece. Using the pillow on its own did make a difference, but using it with the mouthpiece made the biggest difference – better than using either device on its own.

If you have the money to spend and don’t mind doubling up, my best results definitely came from using two devices. If you don’t have sufficient funds, the pillow will still give you a worthwhile improvement on your snoring.


  • Comfortable memory foam.  It’s very cool, it’s comfortable, and it’s nice to sleep on. You don’t need to be uncomfortable to improve your snoring.
  • Lightweight, not too thick or thin.  I have tried some anti-snoring pillows that are VERY difficult to sleep on, as I think they are much too thick or thin for the average user.  This pillow is a medium thickness that should suit most people.
  • Feels like a regular pillow, but is very effective.  While the results are noticeable, I found that the head tilt is not at all obvious, so it makes it much easier to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Reasonably priced with free shipping.  This pillow is a very cost effective anti-snoring solution, especially when compared with other options.  It also replaces your regular pillow, so for the same cost as a high-quality pillow you can get one that helps correct your snoring – it’s the perfect solution.


  • No pillow protector replacement.  This pillow only comes with one pillow protector, and extra pillow protectors are not available for sale. You’ll have to either find one that will basically fit, or make your own. Lucky my wife can use a sewing machine, but I’m not sure what other people can do.
  • Side sleeping only.  People who sleep on their back or front might find this pillow restrictive or uncomfortable – but those aren’t the best sleeping positions for snorers anyway. Maybe this pillow would be a good opportunity to change your sleeping position?
  • Light to moderate snoring only.  This pillow may not be effective for very heavy snorers, although you could try the pillow with your usual MAD or TSD appliances and see if doubling up makes a difference to your snoring.


This anti-snore pillow costs $69.99 and comes with free shipping.  Most over the counter anti-snoring devices range from about $30 – $150, and some dentist-fitted appliances can cost up to $1,000.  That makes this pillow reasonably priced, especially seeing as you can use it in place of your regular pillow.

The warranty information on the website states, “Sharper Image branded items purchased from include a 1-year limited replacement warranty.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.”

It appears that you can return the product in some circumstances, but they don’t seem to offer a risk-free trial.

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My Last Words

In my opinion, the Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow stands out from other anti-snoring options because it easily replaces something we all use – a pillow – with a comfortable and effective alternative.

This pillow is made from well-ventilated, cooling memory foam that is designed to change the sleeper’s position, instead of relying on technology to wake the snorer up like some other pillows.

The simple design avoids any technological tricks and focuses on simple comfort and alignment.

While some people might prefer to use an anti-snoring mouthpiece (although they could easily use it at the same time as the pillow, to get double the effect), wherever possible, I think most people would prefer an option that they don’t have to wear all night in their mouths.

This pillow is comfortable, with a simple design that is effective to correct mild to moderate snoring.  It feels very natural to use, just like a regular pillow – I found that it certainly doesn’t feel as intrusive as a mouthpiece or was as complicated as a smart pillow.

The pillow is only suitable for sleeping on the side, so it may not be suitable for people who sleep only on their back, front, or move around a lot during sleep.  There is also only one case, which is not ideal for a pillow you plan to sleep on every night.

If you are a mild to moderate snorer who is looking for a good deal and is comfortable sleeping on your side, I think the Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore pillow would be a perfect choice.

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