SleepPro Mouthpiece Review – Is it Effective for the Price?

easifit_special_offerMy First Reaction

The SleepPro sells quite a few different devices to stop snoring.  Since there were so many different choices it was difficult to make a decision on which one to test first.  I finally decided to go with the most popular product in their line of anti-snoring devices, which was the SleepPro Easifit.

The SleepPro Easifit is a typical MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device).    They advertise on the site that there is a 98% success rate with this device, so needless to say my expectations were high.

The company has been in business for the last 18 years which is a good track record of success.  There were a few positives about the SleepPro, but overall nothing stood out as exceptional.

about-us-slider-2The Technical Stuff

The SleepPro is a BPA (Bisphenol A) and latex free MAD device.  MAD devices are proven effective by extending the lower jaw forward and preventing the tongue from slipping towards the back of the throat.  When you sleep, a large percentage of snorers have their airway blocked by the tongue.  When this blockage occurs, it creates vibrations which then lead to snoring.

The SleepPro Easifit is made in the UK and also cleared by the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), which is a good thing to have because having some governmental regulation on a product is better than none at all.

Their customer service specifically told me it is designed for “closed mouth snorers”.  The device has a space between the upper and lower tray which allows for mouth breathing, this is a must have for snorers like me who have allergies and sometimes sinus problems as well.

When my allergies are flaring up I have no choice but to use a product that allows me to breathe through the mouth.

An interesting point about this product is that if you buy from the UK you get to choose from a version for men or a version for women.  The USA does not have this option.

My American readers might be disappointed with this, but after investigating further the only difference between the two is the color.  The size is exactly the same.  This was quite a disappointment for my wife as she has a smaller mouth than I do and would need a smaller mouthpiece.

This left me wondering what other issues the company is hiding.

water boilFitting

This was a very typical setup fitting process for my wife and I.  There are no extra adjustments or tweaks needed to start using it, only the boil and bite method for preparation.  To do that, I needed to gather the tools I always use for the procedure.

A pot that I use to boil the water in, ice water for after fitting the product, my cell phone to use as a stopwatch.  This time I did not need a slotted spoon because the product comes with a handle you must insert into the air hole.

This keeps the air hole open for when you are boiling and fitting the device so it does not close during the process.

First boil the water in a pot, and pour it into a bowl afterwards.  Make sure the handle is set firmly in the hole, and submerge the SleepPro into the hot water for 120 seconds.

Remove from the hot water and make sure there are no edges that folded over so they do not make an impression with your teeth.  You only want the top and bottom trays to make the impression and not any excess plastic that may have softened during the boil.

After you place it in your mouth, extend your jaw forward slightly and firmly bite down for the impression for 30 seconds.  Be careful not to fully bite through the mouthpiece, you want to bite hard but not aggressively.

Remove and place it in the cold water for it to harden and try it again in your mouth.  Sometimes it takes me two tries to get it exactly right so don’t worry if you have to do it one more time.  After I was done with mine, I did the entire process again for my wife (which ironically took her two fittings, while it was only one fitting for me).

Initial Reaction

When I was all done with the preparation, I noticed that the mouthpiece felt a little bulky.  The images on the website make it seem tinier than it actually is.  My wife agreed with me that it seemed bulky, and she started drooling pretty quickly.

I knew this might be a long night, the initial insertion forced me to keep my mouth open a little more than I am used too.

A positive point of the product is that it did not rub the inside of my mouth the wrong way.  Sometimes these plastics can be irritating; however, for the SleepPro this was not the case.  It was smooth and a comfortable material.

morning-wake-up-250Waking Up

I woke up in the morning with a little drool, but I felt rested and fine.  I knew I slept well based on how I woke up, the only issue was some slight drooling problems and some jaw soreness.  Typical signs of the first night with a new MAD device so I was not very worried.

My wife however had a completely different experience.  She woke up without the mouthpiece in and had told me she took it out in the middle of the night due to the bulky design and drooling.

My mouth was larger than hers, so it was reasonable we both had two different experiences.  I was going to continue my testing with the product, but my wife was finished.  She was exhausted and would go back to another device for sleeping.

Personally, after a few days my jaw normally gets used to the product and the soreness and drooling dissipates.  My wife said when she woke up in the middle of the night she heard no snoring from me so I knew I had a relatively good experience.


  • BPA and latex free. BPA is a hazardous product used in making plastics.  Since there are so many health hazards associated with it, it’s better to use products that are BPA free.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not like the product you can return it for a refund.  30 days is a little below what other companies offer though.
  • Air holes which allow you to breathe through your mouth while sleeping. This is a must for people who have allergies or sinus problems such as myself.
  • Company has been in business for over 18 years, a long track record of being in business.
  • Sold in 12 countries around the world. For international customers, this product is available for use.
  • Wide variety of products to choose from. While I chose the Easifit, there are many more anti-snoring products to choose and buy from.
  • Some denture wearers are able to use the device.
  • FDA cleared. Products that are cleared by the FDA are better to use as they have to pass certain governmental regulations.


  • A little bulky. While I got used to it, I had a larger mouth.  My wife found it to be too bulky for her to use.
  • There was some drooling and soreness I had to get used to before being comfortable.
  • No precision adjustments. A lot of MAD devices have precision adjustments now, this one you must simply extend your jaw forward during the fitting process.


The SleepPro is reasonably priced at $44.95, and if you buy two the price is $64.95.  A good deal for a two snore household.  I would say the pricing is right at the average of other products, not too much and not too little.

The 30-day money back guarantee is a little below the industry standard, but there is that option.  There are also different payment options available – you can pay via paypal which is another nice alternative way to pay that you do not normally see from other companies.

There is also the custom version which sells for over $200, a higher priced but seems to be more precise fitting product.

Check the current price of SleepPro Easifit

conclusion2Final Thoughts

Overall there was nothing outstanding about this product.  In my experience it was an average MAD device and my wife did in fact have a poor experience.

The sizing options are not very well designed.  After a while my drooling and soreness stopped, which normally happens with MAD devices.

I would recommend this product for other snorers to try, remember each of us have different mouths so what does not work for one person might work for another.  Even though there were no outstanding qualities here I would still advise someone to give this product a try.

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