SleepTight Mouthpiece Review – The Good And The Bad

sleeptight-mouthpieceSleepTight is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that is reasonably priced, and actually surprised me how much I liked it.

The mouthpiece was designed by a US dentist, developer and researcher of mouthpieces – Dr. Mike Williams.  Over 10 years ago he started looking for alternatives to surgery as a way to help snorers.  He had been through multiple surgeries, and sadly experienced no remedy.


Dr. Mike Williams

He has over 30 years’ experience in cosmetic dentistry, and prior to developing the SleepTight mouthpiece he spent five years working on mouth guards and mouthpieces.

Dr. Williams specifically waited to have his product FDA approved before offering his product to the public.

I am always comforted knowing a device is created and developed by a dentist. Especially this one since Dr. Williams put so much hard work into it.

If I did not already have so many other mouthpieces that really satisfied me this would have definitely been one of my favorites.  I liked it and the price point was good.

There is also a dual laminate design which was new to me.  I documented all my thoughts in my journal and have my results below.

The Technical Stuff

This is a typical MAD device that you must use the boil and bite method to get the custom fit done properly.  MAD devices allow you to custom fit the piece to your jaw.

A MAD device extends your lower jaw forward, which opens the airway preventing you from snoring.  If you have a narrow airway, like I do, when the tongue slips back into it while sleeping this will partially block the airway causing vibrations which lead to snoring.

This is surprisingly the most common reason for people to snore at night.

The MAD device allows the airway to be more open and your body will receive more oxygen as you sleep.  More oxygen will let you feel more rested, and you will wake up having more energy than if you snored.

Product Delivery

 delivery-250pxOrdering the mouthpiece, I was already excited to see I only had to pay $9.95 to try it.  I ended up ordering one for me, and getting a second one free for my wife.  This is a great buy one get one free deal.

When I received it, I noticed something different that other mouthpieces did not have.  There were three layers of material on it.  There is a thermoplastic center which is the framework of the device.

When you boil the SleepTight what happens is pretty amazing and I detail that in the next section.

Ordering and receiving was standard.  I was sent a thank you email after making the purchase, and I got the device in a normal time frame, 5 business days.

It arrived with a case, instruction manual and the mouthpiece itself.  The instruction manual is a nice thing to have for the boil and bite MAD devices, because if it is your first time using one, you should go through the instructions carefully to make sure you get set up correctly.  I also describe below how to set it up.


Setting up this MAD device was the typical process I used for other boil and bite devices.  What is different, however, is the material.  The center is a thermoplastic material, which is pliable and coated with a 1.5-millimeter thin layer made up of a softer, more flexible material.

This second layer is embedded into the upper and lower trays.  The outer part of the product becomes more gel-like and into the surface portion of each tooth flows plastic.

This causes a close impression to be made.  The center becomes softer as well.  Normally with other MAD devices if you bite down too hard, you risk biting totally through the plastic.

The SleepTight has a patent that does not allow this to happen.  The center stays hard during boiling, while at the same time the thin outer layer becomes soft – which allows you to have a perfect fit after removing it from the boiling water.

So, to prepare for the boiling and fitting I had to get several things ready.  I had a pot to boil the product, an empty bowl to place the boiling water in, a bowl with ice water in it, a slotted spoon to lower the device in the boiling water and my cell phone to keep track of the time it took me to do everything.

This mouthpiece differs in another positive way than others also.  It can be refitted up to five times.  Typically other MAD devices lose their quality after 3 fittings.  This did not due to the technology of the material.  That is a great benefit for those of us who like to refit the device in case we make a mistake the first time.

I started to boil the water, and when it was boiling I then poured that water into an empty bowl and let it sit there for 120 seconds.  After 120 seconds, I then placed the device in the hot water with the slotted spoon for 180 seconds. 

After this time, I placed the device inside my mouth with the V-notch facing upwards.  I held my jaw slightly forward and bit down firmly and held there for 60 seconds.  After that I put the device in the ice cold water for another 60 seconds.  Finally, I put the device back in my mouth to see how it turned out.  I liked it!  It felt good and I was ready to try it.  Now to do the same process all over again for my wife, who has a smaller jaw than I do.

Remember, this can be repeated up to five times.  I recommend trying it out for one or two weeks after only boiling it once.  Then if you want to readjust the extension of your jaw, go over the steps above and refit it and try again.

Initial Reaction

The first time placing it in my mouth it felt comfortable.  It did not feel intrusive and felt snug.  The boil and bite MAD devices allow a custom fit to your mouth, and this was no different.  It was not overly massive inside my mouth.  My jaw extension felt fine and the material felt ok, there was no irritation inside my mouth from it.

My wife agreed on all points with me.  Her skin is more sensitive than mine, and her jaw is also smaller, so it was good that she felt the same way.

One other difference here, was the huge air hole it had compared to other devices.  This could have possibly been the biggest air hole I have ever tried.  It was almost an inch long and a quarter-inch wide.  Huge!

This allowed me to breath comfortably with no sucking noises.  The smaller air holes usually create a tiny whistling noise when breathing through them.  Being able to breathe through my mouth is great, because when my allergies or sinuses are acting up this allows me to still use this device.

All in all, I was pleased with how it felt, but there was no ‘wow’ moment for me.  Even though it had some positive differences, so far it did not amaze me as some others had.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250I woke up feeling fine and had energy.  This means the device worked.  I only had to confirm with my wife that I did not snore.  If I wake up energized and feeling good, this always means the mouthpiece had worked and I did not snore.

I asked my wife if she had heard me snore at all and she affirmed that she heard no snoring.  I reciprocated and told her I did not hear anything from her side of the bed either.  I woke up to use the bathroom a couple times at night and did not hear anything.  She said she felt like she had a good night’s sleep and had energy to start the day.  So, we both had a successful night of sleep.


  • Buy one get one free.  This was perfect for my wife and I.  Fantastic deal for households with two snorers.
  • No snoring.  The most important aspect.  Neither my wife nor I had any snoring issues.
  • Not overly bulky.  Felt fine inside my mouth and I fell asleep fast.  Was not uncomfortable at all.
  • Mouth breathing.  The air hole is enormous.  It is so big you do not have to worry about even making breathing noises such as whistling.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) and latex free.  It is composed entirely of EVA, an FDA approved material.  No BPA or latex is great because you do not want these chemicals in your mouth.
  • 30-day trial.  Starts from the minute you place your order.  You only pay a non-refundable $9.95 shipping and handling charge to get it sent out, but you have 30 days to try it and return it if you don’t like it.
  • Designed in the USA, cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  Products that are cleared by the FDA are of higher quality.
  • Can be worn with partial dentures.  If you have some front teeth in the upper or lower jaws, the SleepTight may work.  Make sure you consult your dentist first.
  • Can refit it up to 4 or 5 times.  This is great, if you want to readjust the fit weeks or months later.  You have 4 to 5 times of re-boiling it without compromising the material.
  • Dual laminate design.  This is what allows you to re-boil it so many times.  It’s a great material that really molds around your mouth too.
  • Easy to clean.  I had no issues cleaning mine or my wife’s mouthpiece.

Who can use SleepTight?

This was a good mouthpiece that had some positives for a variety of snorers.

First, the large air hole I really liked.  It allowed me to breathe from my mouth with no issues.  If you have sinus problems, allergies, nasal polyps, deviated septum, etc., you will really like the large air hole.

Second, this is a good option for people with partial dentures.

If you have teeth in the front on the upper and lower jaw, you will be able to try this mouthpiece.

If you have sensitive skin this is also a good mouthpiece, it is BPA and latex free and my wife had no issues with the material.  She has sensitive skin and she liked the device.


  • Easily stainable.  I found this out the hard way.  After cleaning with mouthwash and toothpaste, the material stained.
  • Difficult to contact.  The website only has an email address to contact the company.  I would like to see a phone number and a business address other than a PO box would be nice too.
  • Takes a couple days to become used to it.  This seems to be standard with MAD devices, this one took me a few days for my mouth to get used to it.
  • Increase drooling.  I had some increase in drooling wearing this for the first few days.
  • Cannot be worn by people with crowns, caps, or implants.  Consult your dentist, but MAD devices cannot be worn by individuals who have had some dental work done.  The exception here is for partial dentures – see above.

Who cannot use SleepTight?

This is not a good device for people with crowns, caps, or implants.

Anyone with loose dental work will not want to use this and use another product.

It should not be worn or used by people with central sleep apnea, asthma, severe respiratory disorders, TMJ pain or advanced periodontal disease.

If you have any of these issues, consult your doctor for a medical opinion on what you can do to reduce your snoring.


price-200pxI found the SleepTight to be a nice deal.   There is a current deal if you buy one you get one free.  This is fantastic because at $79.95 plus $9.95 shipping, this turns out to be a great discount if you have two snorers in the house.

After I break it down by per unit pricing I am only paying $44.95 per unit.

You have 30 days to try from the moment you buy.

It took me 5 days to receive it, so shipping time was not a big issue.  We both kept ours, so returning them was not an issue for us.

Check The Current Price Of SleepTight Mouthpiece

My Last Words

Finally, the product was good, but was nothing spectacular.  It worked well, my wife and I did not snore.  It was effective, the trial period is nice, and it was comfortable.

For the price, I would recommend the GMSS (Good Morning Snore Solution) or VitalSleep.  They happen to be two of my favorites.

The GMSS is one size fits all and easy to clean.  Even if you have had dental work done you can use the GMSS too.

My wife agreed with me that she liked the SleepTight, but did not love it.  Positive experience with the SleepTight, but nothing amazing.

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