SnorBan Anti-Snoring Device Review – The First Mouthpiece in America

My First Reaction

snorbanThe SnorBan is typical, standard MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that has some interesting history behind it.  The device itself has no outstanding features and is more like a basic model than anything else.  What is unique about it, is that it was first the anti-snoring device that was introduced into the United States.

It was first released onto the market in 1994, over 20 years ago.  Needless to say, if a product has been selling for that long it must work to some degree.  After some research, I found the product was made by Snoring Relief Labs.

The company’s founder, David Snyder, created the product after suffering for so long from his own snoring issues.  He went so far as to remove his uvula to quit snoring – and when that was unsuccessful he created the product and began producing the SnorBan.

I was definitely excited to try the first ever quit snoring mouthpiece in America and see if it could outmatch more modern mouthpieces that we see on the market today.

The Technical Stuff

The SnorBan is a latex free and BPA free MAD device.  Mad devices allow you to stop snoring by slightly extending the jaw forward while you sleep, which prevents the tongue from slipping toward the back of your throat.

Over 80% of people snore because the tongue slips towards the back of the throat and blocks the airway.  This blockage causes vibrations which lead to snoring.  Various medical hazards are associated with snoring due to the fact your body is not getting sufficient oxygen at night – due to the blockage.

The SnorBan is not cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration); however, it does say that it is built with products that are cleared by the FDA.  A little red flag already for the device.

The manufacturer advertises the product as being recommended by dentists and doctors, and that hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world have used the product.

The product is a typical boil and bite MAD device, and can quickly be setup as it has a handle to use for submerging the product in the water.  The material is listed as latex and BPA (Bisphenol A) free, which is a big plus.  Products that use latex can irritate sensitive skin and products containing BPA can be hazardous to your health.

Finally, there are no air holes on the device.  This can be an issue for people, like myself, who suffer from allergies or sinus congestion.  With the SnorBan you are forced to breathe through your nose the entire night.


water boilFitting for the SnorBan is a very routine boil and bite setup.  If you are someone who is new to the process, this product has no difficulties or extra adjustments needed to begin using it.

It is relatively stress free even for first time purchasers of any type of mouthpiece.  After receiving the product, it comes with simple instructions to follow for setting it up.

Unlike some other MAD devices, this one has a handle attached to it to make the setup even easier.

To begin the boil and bite procedure I gathered the usual items needed.  A pot to boil the water in, an empty bowl, a bowl filled with ice water, and my cell phone to keep track of the time.

I began by grasping the handle extending out from the front of the product and submerging it fully into the boiling water for 12 seconds.  Next, I removed it from the boiling water and let it cool very slightly for a couple of seconds and then inserted it into my mouth.

I bit down on the product for a full 30 seconds to let the plastic form a unique molding to my teeth, and then removed it from my mouth and dipped it into the cold water to let that mold harden.  I left it in the cold water for a little over 10 seconds.

After I was done the first time I inserted it into my mouth again to make sure I was happy with the fitting I just did – I was, so I cut off the holding strap with a pair of scissors.  If you are not happy with the way it feels after dipping it into the cold water, you can simply boil the product again.

You can only boil it for about four times before the material will become compromised and you will need to replace it.  Next, I had to do the entire process again for my wife!

Initial Reaction

captureAfter the initial boiling, the product felt OK inside my mouth.  There was no irritation and the plastic was smooth feeling, it did not have any hard edges or seams that made me uncomfortable.

It was a little bulky for me, and this is a one size fits all device.  If it was bulky for me, I could only imagine how my wife was going to feel with it.

One immediately noticeable thing missing was the air hole.  I have tried many MAD devices with air holes, so when I come across a product without one it seems as though its missing something right away.

I suffer from allergies and the occasional sinus infection, so the SnorBan I was definitely not going to be able to use on nights when my allergies were acting up or else I would not be able to breathe at all.

Sure enough, my wife mentioned how bulky it felt for her.  Her mouth is considerably smaller than mine, so if it felt bulky for me it must have felt very bulky for her.

Waking Up

morning-wake-up-250The next morning, I woke up feeling a little tired and had some drool on my pillow.  Two signs that the product was not optimal that night.

Since I woke up feeling tired, I knew that I snored, and the drool was due to the fact of the size of the product.  My wife confirmed that she heard me snoring and then told me she did not even make it the entire night using the product.

It was too bulky for her.  I knew I was on my own for the rest of this trial.  Drooling and jaw soreness usually subsides after a while, so I was going to trudge on and see if I would see better results.


  • Sold around the world. International readers can purchase this, as it is sold in 24 countries.
  • 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. Up to 30 days to return the product and get a refund with no questions asked.
  • Long life span. The product is advertised as having a life span of over 12 months, a longer time than many on the market.
  • First anti-snoring device in the United States, and in business for over 20 years. Great track record means the company must be selling a quality product.
  • Latex free and BPA free. BPA is a harmful chemical that should not be plastics that you use.
  • At $39.95 plus shipping, this is one of the lowest products on the market.


  • No air holes. Not optimal for those who like or need to use their mouths to breathe at night.
  • Not a one size fits all device. My wife was unable to use it; her mouth is considerably smaller than mine.
  • Not FDA cleared. Products not cleared by the FDA do not pass strict governmental regulations.
  • Not able to be used by people with dentures, caps, crowns, loose teeth or overbites.
  • Drooling and soreness was present during my time using it.


price-200pxThe pricing of the SnorBan is one of the lowest on the market.  The starting price is only $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling which is a very good price point.

You do only get a very basic MAD device with this purchase however.  The owner of the company states that the reason it is not FDA cleared is because it would cost too much money to go thru this process, and then he would have to pass this cost on to the consumer.

This could possibly be true, but there could also be other reasons it is not FDA cleared.  Regardless, the price is a very good one compared to other MAD devices out there.

Check the current price of SnorBan

Final Thoughts

conclusion2SnorBan was the first anti-snoring mouthpiece introduced into the United States – and it shows.  The product is outdated and does not stand up to its competitors.

The positives do not outweigh the negatives on this one.  Even though I continued using it, the absence of air holes was a problem for me, and the soreness never fully went away.

The device ended up being too bulky for me in the long run.  There are some other issues as well such as not being FDA cleared.

Those of you who are looking to purchase this mouthpiece, I would recommend another one I have reviewed on here – the VitalSleep.

You can read my thoughts on that, and I would fully recommend you purchase the VitalSleep instead of the SnorBan.

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