SnoreDoc Anti-Snoring Device

snoredoc2SnoreDoc was an anti-snoring device I was really looking forward to testing.  It was a low cost MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device), the design looked great, and it had air flow holes for mouth breathing which I use often.

I was excited from the moment I ordered it; however, to get straight to the point, the product did not rank high on my list of favorite devices, and to be honest it did not even rank well in devices that I would consider using again.

The Technical Stuff

The SnoreDoc is a typical MAD device by design.  They function by holding the lower jaw forward and preventing the tongue from slipping back and obstructing your airway.

When the tongue presses up against the back of the throat, vibrations occur which cause snoring.  Less snoring causes better sleep and improved health.

I have reviewed many MAD devices up to this point, and after all this experience I can safely say that each MAD device was not created equally!

SnoreDoc’s material is a thermoplastic that feels very similar to a soft type of rubber.

I would like to note here that this material has no mention of being BPA (Bisphenol A) or latex free.  This is worrying because BPA is a harmful chemical and you do not want plastic that contains BPA sitting inside your mouth the entire night.

There is also a small air hole on the mouthpiece which allows mouth breathing.

Things already begin to become confusing here – there are different mouthpieces pictured on the website than the one I received.  The one I received is clear with one air hole, and the one pictured on the website is blue with two air holes.

The order form has no mention of two separate models, so you want to make sure you receive the blue one with two air holes.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxI ordered one SnoreDoc for me, and another for my wife.  The price is so low, that ordering two is about the same price as ordering one MAD device from other vendors.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee and the device arrived in a reasonable amount of time that I felt comfortable with.

The warranty time was long enough to send it back if there were any issues.  Immediately upon receiving it, I thought we had gotten the wrong product!

First, because of the different color as mentioned above and second, because it was considerably larger than what was shown on the website.

I was under the impression this would be a small to reasonably sized MAD device; however, this was much bulkier than any other mouth guards I had tried in the past.

My wife agreed and was already upset at the size before even inserting it into her mouth!


This was a typical ‘boil and bite’ setup process.  I prepared my usual tools needed to complete this stage of the setup.  A pot to boil water in, an empty bowl, a bowl with ice water, a slotted spoon (or tongs if you don’t have one), and my cell phone to keep time.

After cleaning the product, I inserted it into the boiling water for about 90 seconds.

Then I removed it, let it air dry for only 10 seconds, and put it inside my mouth.  I bit down firmly for 45 seconds once I found the position I liked for the device to be in.

Then I removed it, and placed it in the ice water for 60 seconds so the plastic could harden.  You only have about three tries to ‘get it right’ or else the material will be compromised.

After I had completed my fitting, I moved on to fitting my wife’s SnoreDoc for her.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250The first night using the SnoreDoc my wife and I had a difficult time falling asleep.  This was due to the bulkiness of the device; it just was not comfortable.  I drooled much more than usual and my wife after a period of time took it out of her mouth completely.

This was not a one size fits all device.  My mouth is considerably larger than hers, and if I was uncomfortable, for her it was unbearable.

After waking up, I was exhausted.  I knew I had a bad night of sleep and a lot of snoring.  The device did fall out of my mouth a few times, so I was obviously snoring when this happened.

I forged on and decided to try it a second night to see if the soreness would dissipate after my mouth grew accustomed to it.

The second night was more of the same, and my wife had actually told me there were whistling noises coming from my side of the bed – obviously due to the small air hole.

The soreness did not go down at all, the size of it was creating issues for me and I knew this product was just not comfortable enough to be a long-term solution.

I tried again the following night and this time my nose was very stuffed up due to a sinus infection.  This night I actually had difficulty breathing because the air hole felt too small.  The size of the small hole was not something I could rely on for an entire night if I was forced to breathe through my mouth.

This was the clear product I had received and not the blue one pictured on the website.  The blue one could possibly be better to use since from the images posted it looks like it has larger air holes.

I had to wait to continue testing until my sinus infection cleared up, and then picked up where I left off.  Although my snoring was stopped, the comfort, size of the mouthpiece, breathing issues all combined created many issues for me.


  • Very reasonable price.  At only $39.99 retail value, this is one of the most affordable MAD devices out there.
  • Custom fit for your specific dental structure using the boil and bite method
  • Air flow for mouth breathing, good for when my sinuses or allergies are flaring up.
  • Rubber thermoplastic is non-irritating to my gums or lips.  Perfect for those with sensitive mouths.
  • Easy to clean.  Even though it is a MAD device, this particular one was easy to clean.
  • FDA cleared.  I like to use FDA cleared devices because they have been checked by a governmental body, a higher standard of quality.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited.


  • Small airflow hole.  I received a different product than the one shown in images as mine only had one air hole.  This one air hole model I received is hard to use for breathing, and actually caused whistling which disturbed my wife.
  • Intrusive.  Was larger than other MAD devices tested.
  • Soreness due to bulkiness.  I was considerably sorer than other products I used.
  • No substantiation to the claims on their website that the product is clinically proven to be effective.
  • No adjustments possible for the lower jaw positioning.

My Last Words

This was a well-priced product, below the cost of many other devices.  However, you must sacrifice a lot of other points for such a low price.

The product is bulkier than other MAD devices, is not BPA free, and has poor air holes.

The product did in fact stop my snoring, but the low comfort level does not make this a viable product for long time use.