The Detailed Review of The Snoremeds Mouthpiece

snoremedsSnoremeds is another MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that has a good price and I was happy with the effectiveness of the product.

The company was formed in 2006 in Durban, South Africa by Michelle Hall-Jones and Philippa Logan.

In 2008 they expanded operations globally to Norway, New Zealand, Australia as well as the United States.  2 years later in 2010 they announced a gender specific product line that would be able to accommodate regular size mouths and smaller size mouths.

The two founders of the company had met and formed a digital design business that offered services such as web design, web development, media solutions and more.

They used their expertise in web development and combined it with information from snoring industry experts and formed SnoreMeds.

Remarkable beginning in my opinion.

Today the company is still based out of South Africa, but has offices throughout the world, including Valley Cottage, New York, Tampere, Finland, and a main distributor in New Zealand.

Overall, I found the product effective, comfortable and affordable.

The Technical Stuff

how-snoremeds-work2As with other snoring devices, this setup consists of the boil and bite method.  Using a boil and bite method with MAD devices allows you to have it custom fit especially for your jaw and dental bite.

MAD devices hold the lower jaw in a forward position while you sleep.

Doing this prevents the tongue from slipping back and blocking the airway.

For most of us, myself included, the cause of snoring arises from the tongue slipping back in the throat and blocking the airway.  This causes vibrations which lead to snoring.

MAD devices allow this airway to remain open, and thereby you receive more oxygen when you sleep.  This allows the snorer to feel more well rested in the morning and have more energy.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxThere is an interesting set of options for the Snoremeds products.  You have the option of a pack for women, or a pack for men.  Each gender has their own special offers.  You can buy one, two, or four!  Since this is a two snorer household, I ended up buying a single pack for men, and a single pack for women for my wife.

The per unit cost if you buy one is $40.95.  If you buy two, the per unit cost drops dramatically to $29.97.  If you buy the four pack the per unit cost drops all the way to $22.23.  Almost half the price of buying only one.  The basic pack comes with one mouthpiece, one spatula and one anti-bacterial container to store it in when you are not wearing it.

The average lifespan of the Snoremeds is only about 4 months.  So, it might not be a bad idea to buy multiple units at once.  Shipping is a flat $7.84 per order, so remember to factor this into the equation when you are buying.

The price per unit when you buy 4 is so low I decided to look into this further.  The industry average is about double this price per product.  The only explanation I can come up with is how they manufacture and sell their product.  The production costs of each mouthpiece is very low, but this holds true for every manufacturer.

Why did Snoremeds have such an extremely low per unit cost for the four pack?  It boils down to them selling so much volume of the product.  By selling 4 at a time it becomes worth it for them to sell at such a low price.

I have seen incredibly low prices on eBay before, as low as $2.00 for a product!  I would never buy or recommend anyone else to buy an anti-snoring device from eBay because they can be unregulated and highly toxic products.  These $2.00 anti-snoring mouthpieces are manufactured in countries with little to no governmental regulation on products.

Snoremeds is an FDA cleared product and a well-established company.

The product is BPA (Bisphenol A) free product and latex free.  These are two very important points that other products may or may not have.

The company also offers a 45-day money back guarantee for the single packs only.  The company will refund the entire product cost, minus the $7.84 paid for shipping.  You cannot return the other packs.  This was surprising to me, but since I only ordered the single pack for my wife and I, I was not too worried.

The site says it takes 2-4 days for the product to arrive, and it did arrive in that time frame.  Overall I was satisfied with the price and the shipping times.


The set up process for the Snoremeds was the same I had used for other “boil and bite” products I have tried.  This product came with a spatula to use when placing it in the boiling water, so I did not have to use any tool of my own.  I gathered the usual necessary items I would need.

A pot to boil water in, a bowl, an extra bowl with ice water to place the product in after I fitted it, and my phone to use as a stop watch.

I placed the spatula into the air hole.  When doing this insert it completely, to make sure the mouthpiece will not fall off while it is in the boiling water.  Keep a backup pair of tongs around just in case.  After boiling the water, pour the boiling water into the empty bowl.  Now put the Snoremeds completely submerged into the water for 18 seconds.

When removing the product, look at the plastic edges and make sure they are not folding over.  If they are, fix it and straighten it out before putting it into your mouth.  With the curved side facing upwards, I put the entire device into my mouth.

Then I bit down firmly into the product while extending my lower jaw outwards.  You do not want to extend it too far, as it might cause discomfort while you sleep.  On the other hand, not extending it enough might cause you to snore!  I found extending my lower jaw 3 – 5 millimeters was a nice range.  By biting down firmly this will create a mold around your teeth so the product stays in place.

You then want to push the plastic against the inside of your teeth to complete the fitting.  Stay in this position for anywhere between 30 seconds to one minute.

After one minute was up, I took the product out of my mouth and placed it into the bowl of ice water.  I left it in the ice water until the product completely hardened.  I put it back in my mouth to see how it fit.  Unlike other MAD devices, you can only boil this one a maximum of two times.  So if you do not get it right the first time, you can attempt to do it once more.  However, more than twice and the material will be compromised!

Now the fitting was completely finished for me, and I was satisfied with it; now it was time for me to do the entire process all over again for my wife!

Initial Reaction

After the boil and bite procedure and custom fitting, the product felt comfortable inside my mouth.  I did not feel any irritation, and the fitting was snug.  That is what I like about these devices is they really mold themselves to your specific mouth.  The extension of my jaw felt fine, and I thought it was a good setting.

My wife agreed with me, as she did not feel irritation at all.  This is good because her skin is normally more sensitive than mine.  I know if she did not feel any irritation the material is a good one.

This product has an air hole in the front of it, it is actually where you used the spatula to dip it into the boiling water.  This is a good feature to have on an anti-snoring devices because it allows me and others who have allergies, sinus issues, or any other type of nasal blockage to breathe through their mouths.

Overall I was satisfied with the fitting and how the product felt.  Now it was time for the real test, which was going to sleep.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250The first morning I woke up I physically felt like I had energy and felt great.  If this was the case, then the device worked throughout the night and I did not snore.

When my wife woke up, I asked her if she had heard any snoring from me and she said she did not hear any.

Confirmed success.

I told her I did not hear any snoring from her either.  I almost always wake up to use the bathroom a couple times in the night, and I did not hear any snoring from her side of the bed.  She said she also had energy and felt well rested, but her jaw was a little sore.

I had to confirm this as well.  I did have a bit of soreness when I woke up.

This is normal in anti-snoring devices as your jaw needs time to get used the new thing inside your mouth, as well as the extension of your jaw.


  • Price.  The lower per unit price as you buy more is great.  The cost of one when you buy the four pack is 50% less than most other products on the market.
  • Effective.  Neither my wife nor I snored throughout the night.  A very important part of any product.
  • Non-invasive.  Felt fine inside my mouth, and there was no irritation.
  • Air holes.  This allows for mouth breathing when you are having nasal or sinus issues.
  • Latex free and BPA free.  Very important because these chemicals are harmful and should not come in contact with your skin, especially not inside your mouth!
  • 45-day money back guarantee.  You only have to pay for the shipping charges, but returning the product is not a problem.
  • FDA cleared.  This is important because the governmental agency has specific outlines for different types of products.
  • Simple to clean.  Cleaning was easy and not complicated as compared to other products which have many crevices and holes.

Who can use it?

I thought this was a good product and had many positives for different types of people.

The large air hole allows people with sinus problems, allergies, a deviated septum, nasal polyps, etc. to breathe throughout the night through their mouths.

I can also recommend it for people with sensitive skin, as my wife had no issues with her skin.  In fact, the product is BPA free and latex free so there will be no issues with these abrasive chemicals.         


  • Low life span.  The product is only useable for about 4 months.  After that period of time, it needs to be replaced.  However, not an issue if you buy the four pack – which would last you over a year.
  • The boil and bite method can only be done twice.
  • Cannot be worn by people with dental work.  Crowns, caps, implants, dentures, or anything of this nature cannot wear this device.  Consult your dentist to make sure of any questions you might have.
  • Drooling.  I did have some noticeable drooling the first few nights of wearing this product.

Who cannot use it?

Most MAD devices, and this one included, are not good for people with caps, implants, crowns, any kind of loose teeth or missing teeth.

It is not suitable for people who wear dentures, have sore gums, or children under the age of 18.


price-200pxThe Snoremeds is a great deal if you buy the 4 pack.  Even the 2 pack is a large discount.

The per unit price when buy the 4pack is almost 50% off the regular price.  It is much less expensive than many of the other products currently on the market.

You cannot return the 2 pack or the 4 pack, however.

This was not an issue for my wife and I since we had kept it.

My Last Words

conclusion2The product was in my opinion a good one.  I am confident to recommend this to other snorers.  It worked well for both my wife and I.  Remember, there are two different sizes depending on the gender of the person.

The price is extremely affordable to buy.

Although we both had some soreness the first night, this subsides after using it for a while.  Your mouth needs to become accustomed to what is inside it, and your jaw needs to adjust.

If you are just getting started with finding your favorite anti-snoring device, this would be a good place to start.

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