SnoreRx Mouthpiece Review – How Effective Is It?

snorerxSnoreRx is a high ranking mouthguard for me, and could turn out to be one of your favorites.  I was really eager to try SnoreRx, and after researching the product I discovered that it had some unique features.

The SnoreRx is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that was created by Jim Fallon.

He formed Apnea Sciences Corporation in 2009 in the state of California.  The company is a combination of an engineering firm, and a specialized sales and marketing firm for snoring.

He also hired an FDA consultant to make sure the product was FDA compliant.

The product is also professionally endorsed by three medical professionals – one dentist, and three doctors.  With this combination of expertise, needless to say I was excited to try the product!

I had high hopes and imagined this would become one of my favorites.  I did in fact like the product.  I recorded my entire process from purchase and testing to how I felt a week after using it.

The Technical Stuff

This is another MAD boil and bite anti snoring device.  This means you must boil it, then bite down into it to mold it specifically to your jaw.  This creates a custom fit with the SnoreRx.

MAD devices work by keeping your jaw in an extended forward position.  This opens up your airway and prevents you from snoring during the night.  Some people might have narrow airways, I am one of those people.  A narrow airway makes it easier for the tongue to block it partially.

When this happens it causes vibrations which leads to snoring.  MAD devices allow the airway to be more open and your body will also receive more oxygen as you sleep.  This lets you feel better rested and wake up with more energy too.

The product has precise adjustments, called the Flex-Jaw, that are not standard on other MAD-type mouthpieces and sets it apart.  There is a calibrator with 10 different settings, each space 1 millimeter apart.

This allows you to have many different options for what position you want your lower jaw to be in.  You can adjust this to the level of comfort and effectiveness that will be best for you.

Out of all the products I tested, this is a very precise level of customization.  Most other devices firstly do not allow you to make manual adjustments, and on top of that not have so many as the SnoreRx had.

That was not the only unique feature on the SnoreRx.  There is also a calibrator on the side so you can clearly read what setting the mouthpiece was on.  You never have to remember where it was if anything happens.

Another feature is the Posi-Lock.  This allows the lower jaw tray to lock in place and stay there, without the need of screws, bands, springs or rods.

The V-Alignment is a center alignment feature that keeps the SnoreRx in the correct position.

The airflow holes are renamed to V-Flow.

This works like other MADs so you can breathe through your mouth when using it.  There is also a patented copolymer, which allows your teeth to be cushioned while you sleep.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxPlacing the order was easy, and the site offers you a large discount if you purchase two.  This was perfect for our household, since my wife is also a snorer!  You can get an even more significant discount if you order three.

I suppose this would be a good option if you are a repeat customer and want to buy the product for the next few years.  The company advertises that the product has a lifespan of 12 to 15 months.  The product arrived in a timely manner, and came with the mouthpiece, instructions, and a case.  So far no complaints on dealing with the website or shipping times.

After the product had arrived, I had to clean it first before I could properly fit it to my mouth.  This was the first part of the product I did not like.  While so many adjustments were right for a comfortable customization, on the other hand having so many made it difficult to clean.  There are more crevices you have to get inside to clean it properly.

To clean the device, the instructions state you must only wash it in warm water daily after you use it.  Then, it must be air dried completely before storing it.  I don’t think warm water is enough for daily scrubbings though.

The best options for cleaning are an ultrasonic cleaner, a denture cleaner, or a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Do not ever use any kind of harsh cleaning products on the SnoreRx such as ammonia or bleach.

To properly clean it you have to pull the upper tray and lower tray apart.

This is accomplished by adjusting the setting past number six.  You can then remove the trays easily.  Once finished, you can squeeze the sides with your thumbs and slide the lower tray into position.


Preparing the SnoreRx is the same as preparing other MAD devices for them to be fit.  To prepare for the fitting, you have to get several tools and utensils ready.  You need a pot to boil water in, a bowl of ice water, a slotted spoon, and a stopwatch to keep track of the time.

I used my cell phone with the stopwatch app.  After boiling the water, remove it from the stovetop.  Then place the mouthpiece in the water with the slotted spoon for 90 seconds.  After the 90 seconds, remove it and let it cool slightly, but not too much.

Place it in your mouth and bite down for 30 seconds.  The material should be soft enough to make a mold around your mouth and make an impression so it is custom fit for you specifically.

After you bit down, you can now place it in the ice water for another 60 seconds to allow it to harden.  You can then put it back in your mouth and see if it is comfortable enough.  It should have made a nice mold around your teeth.

If you are not satisfied with how it turned out, you can do it again.  But only up to three times, otherwise the material will be compromised.  After that point you will most likely have to buy a new one.

Now that I had hardened the SnoreRx and was satisfied with how comfortable it felt, I had to make adjustments exactly according to how I wanted it.  This was different than other MAD devices, usually the fitting part ended after the boil and bite.

To adjust the settings, I had to hold the upper portion with both hands and with my thumbs push the sides forward at the same time.  I could hear the tray clicking when it would set inside the notches.

You also have the option of squeezing the sides of the tray together and you can then move the upper tray freely.  The instructions do not recommend this though.  They suggest you move the lower tray rather than the upper tray to make the adjustments you need.

After I was satisfied with the placement of the calibration, I removed the SnoreRx and made sure both sides were set the same.  Now I had to complete the process all over again for my wife!

Initial Reaction

At first I felt overwhelmed with so many settings.  My wife and I had never used a device with so many settings before.  Each one being only one millimeter apart, it was very hard to decide which setting to leave it on before I went to bed.  After finally deciding, placing it my mouth it felt comfortable.  Nothing was rubbing on the inside of my mouth the wrong way.

The boil and bite method felt like it was gripping onto my teeth properly.  My wife also agreed with me on all of these issues.  Rare for a marriage to have such a unanimous agreement!  I had the adjustment larger than she did, as her jaw is smaller than mine.  Her skin is also more sensitive, and she said she did not feel any irritation when the device was inside her mouth either.

There are air holes on this device as well, called V-holes.  These allow for the user to breathe through his or her mouth.  Personally, being able to breathe through my mouth is a huge plus for when my sinuses or allergies are flaring up.  This would allow me to still use the SnoreRx even on these nights.  Overall, I liked how it felt.  It felt non-intrusive, and the custom fitting worked well.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250The next morning, I woke up feeling great.  I was not tired at all, which is usually a sign of me snoring throughout the night.  The device worked for that aspect.  My jaw was considerably sore, however.

This could be due to the fact that I had the adjustments too far forward.  It was hard to gauge where I need to have the settings at before I went to bed.  The following night I would reduce the setting and see how my jaw felt.

I asked my wife if she heard any snoring from me, and she told me she did not hear anything.  I then told her the same thing, that I had not heard her snoring at all.

I woke up to use the restroom a couple times and did not hear anything.  She also confirmed that she felt well rested.  She also told me her jaw was not sore at all.  She used the product at a very low setting.  Success from both of us!


  • Lower price as you buy more.  The price goes down the more you buy, as low as $66.33 per unit if you buy three.  A good option with a two-snorer household, or if you want to buy for long term use.
  • Worked.  I did not have any snoring, and neither did my wife.
  • Not invasive.  Felt comfortable inside my mouth and had no issues with irritation.
  • Mouth breathing.  The air holes allowed me to breathe through my mouth which is great for when my sinuses are acting up.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A), latex free, and acrylic free.  BPA is a dangerous chemical that you do not want to be in contact with.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.  You have 30 days to send the item back if you do not choose to keep it.
  • Made in America, cleared by the  FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  Products that are cleared by the FDA are of higher quality.
  • Flex Jaw.  This is the name of the design that allows you to adjust the device very precisely – ten 1 millimeter increments.

Who can use SnoreRx?

SnoreRx is a good anti-snoring device that a wide variety of people can use. The air holes allowing me to breathe through my mouth is a bonus.

If you have any allergies, nasal polyps, sinus issues, or a deviated septum, this will be a good product to use.

This is also a good mouthpiece for those who have sensitive skin.

The material is BPA free, latex free and acrylic free.


  • Difficult to clean.  The precision comes at a price.  There are so many crevices the product is not easy to clean.
  • Can’t be worn by snorers with crowns, caps, implants, dentures, or bridges.  The gripping of a MAD device makes most of them unusable for people with dental work.
  • Soreness.  Getting used to it takes a little longer, and my jaw was noticeably sorer than other devices.

Who cannot use SnoreRx?

This won’t be a good solution for people who have had dental work done, such as crowns, caps or implants.

If you have dental work that is less than one-year-old, it is not recommended to be used either. People who also have dentures or bridges should not wear it as well.

Individuals who suffer from other medical conditions such as sleep apnea, asthma, TMJ pain or severe respiratory disorders will want to consult a doctor for a medical opinion on what you can do to reduce snoring.


price-200pxThe pricing gets better the more products you buy.  This might not be feasible for many snorers however.

One costs $99.  If you buy two like I did, the total cost comes to $154, or $77 per unit.  If you want to go so far as buying three, the total bill is $199.  Which makes the per unit price a very affordable $66.33.  Shipping costs are $10 via Federal Express.

You have 30 days to try the product as it is backed by a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  As long as you have the return shipping postmarked by the time you reach 30 days from the delivery date you will be ok.  My wife and I kept ours, so returning them was not something that caused an issue for us.

Check the Current Price of SnoreRx

My Last Words

The product worked, but I had soreness issues.  I found that the number of settings on the device actually made it more difficult to use, and more difficult to clean.  But, remember everyone is different.

My wife did not experience the amount of soreness that I had.  I found it comfortable, and the material was not irritating at all.  My wife did not snore, and she confirmed that I did not either.

I will keep this in my rotation of products.  I would recommend this product for those who have not had dental work done.  If you are someone who wants to have a very precise setting, the 1-millimeter option will be for you.

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