SnoreWizard Anti-Snoring Device Review – Does It Stand Out?

snorewizardMy First Reaction

The SnoreWizard is similar in design to other MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) mouthpieces I have reviewed; however, there is one noticeable difference.  The simplicity of preparing the product makes the SnoreWizard stand out.

It does not require the boil and bite procedure I am so familiar with and have done countless times for my wife and I.  I was eager to try it out since it was marketed as being so easy to set up and start using.

The company that makes the SnoreWizard, Fast Systems Limited, is based in the UK and has distributors in many countries.  People suffering from snoring who live in Australia, South Africa, the United States and elsewhere are able to purchase the product.

The creator, David Hawkes created the device after trying other snoring mouthpieces and having no success.  He even went so far as having an operation done on the back of his throat, which was also unsuccessful!

Thankfully he did find a solution with his product, the SnoreWizard.  I was excited to test it out and see how it stacked up against other MAD devices.

The Technical Stuff

The SnoreWizard is a MAD device made from a “food grade plastic” that is soft and latex free.  MAD devices function by holding the lower jaw forward and not allowing the tongue to slip into the back of the throat and block the airway.

Normally a large portion of snorers’ snore because the airway is blocked by the tongue.  When it slips back and presses up against the throat, it causes vibrations which leads to snoring.

The SnoreWizard is advertised on the website as “the first UK snoring mouthpiece to be recommended by NHS (National Health Service) Sleep Clinics”.  However, this is the only endorsement it has, it is not cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

It is also marketed as reducing the snoring in 94% of research subjects!  This is quite a bold claim but I could not find any scientific studies to back it up.

The company has been in business for an incredibly long time – since 1983.  The product itself has been on the market for over 5 years, after 2 years in development by the creator and the company Fast Systems Ltd.

They also sell other products which you can buy together at a discount, but I decided to go with two SnoreWizards for my wife and I.

The plastic is pliable and you can mold it to your mouth without doing the boil and bite that is typically done for a large majority of MAD devices.  They advertise it as a ready to use device out of the box with only some trimming of the plastic as needed.

It has an air hole in the front which is nice and allows mouth breathing for people such as myself who suffer from allergies and sinus problems.


There is not much of a fitting process as there is no boil and bite necessary.  This is a good mouthpiece for beginners or those who want to try something without a stressful setup process.

You do not have to worry about compromising the material when you boil the water, which is a relief because usually you only get 3 or 4 tries to get it right.

When I received the mouthpiece the only thing I had to do was clean it and trim any excess plastic so it fit snugly inside my mouth.

To clean the product is very easy.  The company states to simply run it under some tap water and clean it just as you would your toothbrush!

I like to use a little something stronger than only water, so I normally pour some warm water into a glass with some denture solution and swirl it around a bit.  If I want to do a thorough cleaning brushing the product with a toothbrush and some toothpaste will work well.

After cleaning, to get ready for the night you simply place it into your mouth since it is a universal fit mouthpiece.  If there is any excess plastic that is irritating your inner mouth, simply remove it with a pair of scissors.

The mouthpiece is already designed to extend your lower jaw forward, so once you remove the excess plastic you are all set and ready for bed.

Initial Reaction

After finishing the fitting, the product felt smooth and fit nicely inside my mouth.  The company description of the product as a “soft feel” plastic was correct.  It did not rub me the wrong way or irritate my skin.  My wife agreed with me on this point.

I also have to say the fitting felt snug too.  I was surprised as the boil and bite method usually produces a better gripping and custom tailored fitting for people.

The air hole was large enough for me to breathe comfortably also.  I, like many others, suffer from allergies and the occasional sinus infection.

If my sinus infection is attacking me it is impossible for me to breathe through my nose, I must breathe through my mouth.  Having the air holes on this device gives me the option of wearing it at night when I must breathe through my mouth.

My wife had no complaints and we were both ready to sleep and test it for the first night.

morning-wake-up-250Waking Up

I woke up feeling fine in the morning.  I drooled a bit, but this is normal for the first night with a new anti-snoring device in your mouth.  I also had some soreness, but this was another symptom of the first night with a new device.

I was not too worried, as normally these two things dissipate with time.  My wife also felt well rested; however, her jaw was considerably sore.  Her mouth is much smaller than mine, so this one size fits all approach was not a good solution.

She opted to not use it again for a second night due to the pain.  I was going to continue using it since the main goal was achieved.  I was confident after a few days my jaw soreness would subside and the drooling would stop as well.


  • Air hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth during the night. This is important for people like me who suffer from allergies or sinus congestions.
  • Sold internationally. This is great for my international readers.
  • One-year guarantee. This is one of the longest I have ever seen in this business.  If anything goes wrong, you have up to one year to return the product.
  • Reasonably priced. The price is right about in the middle compared to other products; however, the life span makes it well worth it.
  • No set up. You do not need to boil the product and fit it to your mouth, it is ready to go right out of the box.
  • Company has been in business for over 30 years, a very long time.
  • Can be used by people with dentures. As long as you wear your dentures at night, using the SnoreWizard will not be an issue.
  • Can help with teeth grinding.


  • One size does not fit all. My wife had some issues with wearing it and could not last the entire review period together with me.
  • Experienced some soreness and drooling the first night. It was not comfortable right away.
  • Not FDA cleared. FDA cleared products are normally better to use since they must pass certain regulations.
  • No custom fit. While being ready to use out of the box, this is a double edged sword.  You do not get the custom fit you might be used to with other boil and bite devices.


The SnoreWizard can be purchased from a US distributor for $59.99.  The price is reasonable in the US; however, if you buy in the UK you start to see some deals and price discounts.  Outside of the US there is a buy two deal that reduces the price per unit somewhat.

The one-year guarantee is one of the best I have ever seen.  If you are not satisfied at any time during this period, you may return the product.

Shipping is free in the UK, and costs $5 in the US.  The lifespan of the product is about a year.  So, the price combined with the lifespan and guarantee makes it a good price point.

Check the Current Price of SnoreWizard

conclusion2Final Thoughts

My overall opinion is that this is a decent MAD device that is ready to use out of the box for snorers.  If you have a smaller mouth, it might be too bulky to use.  Not having to go through an entire fitting process was a relief as that can be stressful to set up.

After a few days my soreness was gone and my drooling had stopped, the device overall worked to stop my snoring.  Another positive point is the life span and one-year guarantee for the device, which is one of the longest I have ever seen in this industry.

Even though there was nothing incredible or amazing with the SnoreWizard I think the ease of use and generous guarantee makes it a fairly priced product that snorers should try.

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