Snoring Eliminator Pro Anti-Snoring Device Review – What I Really Think About It

snore-eliminator-proThe Eliminator Pro is actually the second incarnation of a popular snoring device called the Snore Eliminator.

There is a not a lot of company information out there, so tracking down who exactly makes the Eliminator Pro took some work.

The Eliminator Pro is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that is owned by a company in South Carolina that goes by the name Koncept Innovators.

The owner is Sylvan Newby, and he sells the product on Amazon under the seller name Rambuten.

Koncept also has two products that are very similar called the Intelliguard and Tranquility Pro, but they have a bit lower price.

Rambuten has 4 other anti-snoring products which he sells, so it would appear at first glance that he knows enough about the snoring.

However, I was a bit cautious as there is not much information freely available online and upon receiving the product there is not much packaging to go with it.

Only a customer service email – [email protected]

The Technical Stuff

Like other MAD devices, this has a boil and bite setup as well. By using the boil and bit technique it creates a custom fit molded to your specific jaw and structure.

MAD devices function by keeping the jaw in a forward extended position which allows the back airway to remain open for you to breathe normally throughout the night.

For 90% of the snoring population, myself included, the cause of snoring occurs when the tongue slips into the back of the throat blocking this airway and causing vibrations. These vibrations create snoring.

The Eliminator Pro differs from some of the other MAD devices by having an incremental calibration feature which does not need any tools to adjust. Normally, when you have to make adjustments to a MAD device you need a small tool to get the fitting correct. This tool can be easily lost or broken, so it’s nice that this device is tool-free.

To perform the adjustments, you simply squeeze together the back part of the lower tray while holding the top tray and pushing or pulling the lower tray along the groves to the position you want. This allows you to have various options for how you want your lower jaw to be positioned.

You can continually adjust this for the optimal level of effectiveness specifically for you. I personally found the precise level of customization to be a nice factor for the Eliminator Pro since most other MAD devices do not have this type of manual adjustments. Especially without the need for a tool to make those adjustments.


Oral-Appliance-SmilingPreparation for the Eliminator Pro is the same as when setting up any other MAD device before using them. There are several things you must prepare before doing the ‘boil and bite’ method though. I get together my usual assortment of household items.

A pot to boil the water in, an empty bowl, a bowl with ice water, a slotted spoon, and my cell phone to use as a stopwatch to keep time.

Before the boil and bite, I checked the factory setting of the device, which was set at the number 3. If your settings have moved and it is not at three, now you would want to get it back into that middle position.

You can do this by squeezing the sides on the lower tray and then adjusting the upper tray back to the number 3 position. After you make sure the calibration is correct you can go ahead and boil the water in the pot you have prepared.

After boiling the water, remove it from the heat and pour it into one of the bowls. Then submerge the mouthpiece into the hot water with the slotted spoon and wait for 90 seconds. Any longer than this and the material will become compromised and possibly unusable.

Then remove the device and let it cool slightly, but not too much because you need to mold it to your mouth. Then place it in your mouth, make sure it is in the center position and bite down firmly for 30 seconds. Then remove it, place it in the ice water for 60 seconds, which will harden the plastic and set the impression you just made.

Now you should be all set, and have created a comfortable mold around your teeth. Try it again by placing it in your mouth and seeing if you like the fit. If not you can boil the mouthpiece another time to reset it; however, you do not want to do this more than a couple times as this is another way to compromise the device.

Now that mine was done, time to do the entire process over again for my wife. Now that the pieces were adjusted to my wife and I’s jaw, we had to make the adjustments to see how far forward we wanted our jaws to be while we slept.

One complaint about this company is there are not many instructions that ship with the packaging. When needing to make adjustments the only directions are “Further adjustment may be applied as needed”.

If I was not experienced with snoring devices, I might find this to be overwhelming. I did set my calibration further forward than my wife hoping to keep my jaw in a more extended position than her. Finally, the entire setup process was complete.

Initial Reaction

My first reaction was feeling overwhelmed by so many available settings, but I had used something with so many in the past and so has my wife. After choosing a setting, the device felt a little large inside my mouth and my wife agreed with me.

She left the precision adjustment at a smaller setting than me. I was also able to breathe through my mouth which was nice, and the boil and bit gripping felt secure. We were ready for bed.

Good Morning

The following morning, I felt well rested, which means I slept fine. My jaw was sore, and this could be due to the fact of how high I used the calibration.

My wife told me she did not hear any snoring, which confirmed my feeling. I had also not heard any snoring from her side of the bed since I woke up a few times during the night. S

he also did not experience the same soreness as I did, but she had used the calibration at a lower setting.

Snore Eliminator Pro vs SnoreRx

These two products are very similar, but do have some noticeable differences which are important to note if you are looking to purchase either one. They look very similar and also have calibration adjustments.

SnoreRx has been around since 2012, and is made in the USA in California. Eliminator Pro has been around since 2015, and is made in China via a company based in South Carolina. The price of the Snore Eliminator is about half the cost of the SnoreRX, but you do see that there are reasons why.

The SnoreRx is made in the USA, is FDA cleared, and is about half the thickness of the Snore Eliminator which makes a difference of the feeling inside your mouth. As for height, depth and width, they are almost exactly the same.

Both have the precision adjustment system which allows you to make very tiny adjustments in 1 mm increments up to 10mm. The design and other points of the two devices, is safe to say, nearly the same.


  • Worked as advertised, my wife and I had no snoring
  • Mouth breathing is possible. There are air holes which allowed me to breathe through my mouth, a good option when I have my allergies.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free. BPA is a chemical used to make plastics that is dangerous and hazardous to your health.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. If you decide not to keep the product you have 30 days to test it out.
  • Adjustable calibration up to 10mm in jaw advancement. Very precise jaw placement, which is a plus compared to other MAD devices that do not have this.
  • Good price, not too expensive.


  • Can’t be worn by snorers with crowns, caps, implants, dentures, or bridges. The gripping of a MAD device makes most of them unusable for people with dental work.
  • Not easy to clean, there are a lot of nooks and crannies to get into to clean the product.
  • Not a simple set up. There is more than just a boil and bite.
  • Snorers with caps, implants, dentures, crowns, caps, or bridges cannot use the device. The gripping that a MAD device has makes it an unusable option for people who have dental work.
  • Was sore using the product as I had to find the right calibration for my particular mouth.
  • Bulkier than other MAD devices, it felt intrusive.
  • Not FDA cleared.
  • Made in China


price-200pxThe Eliminator Pro has an affordable price of $49.97 on Amazon and if you are a prime member you get free shipping. The Intelliguard can be bought for a little under $45 including shipping.

Snoring devices usually retail between $25 and $100, so this is right in the middle, which makes it a good option.

The SnoreRX which has the most similarities to the Eliminator Pro sells for $99, so this is about half the price, and makes it a good less expensive option.

However, that lower price is because it is made in China, is not FDA cleared, and has fewer calibration options. Overall the lower price has a lower quality than the SnoreRX.

Final Conclusion

conclusion2The product worked well, but I had some soreness. Usually this dissipates after a few days, and with this particular device I was able to change the settings to decrease the jaw placement if needed.

It is definitely harder to clean, and the settings can be overwhelming.

My wife had less soreness, but she also chose a lower setting. The device also feels a little intrusive and uncomfortable, but remember each mouth is different.

Neither of us snored; however, I will not keep this in my rotation of products for a few reasons.

The lack of FDA clearance for me personally is unacceptable.

I feel much more comfortable when a product that is government approved sits inside my mouth for an entire night. Based on this, combined with the negative points above – I would not personally recommend this product.