Tomed SomnoGuard AP Review – A noteworthy solution to snoring

somnoguard-apThe Tomed SomnoGuard AP is a truly unique MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device).

It is not the typical boil and bite MAD device as it takes some extra and more complicated steps to set up.

Which is a good thing as it creates a more unique fit; however, this comes at a price because it is one of the most expensive anti-snoring devices I ever tested.

It was created by a German doctor, Dr. Winfried Toussaint and is produced by a German company that goes by the name Tomed GmbH.

Dr. Winfried Toussaint

Dr. Winfried Toussaint

It can be ordered online, but in the United States it requires a prescription and an offline purchase.

This is expected to change in the not too distant future since many sleep companies are entering the online market in the US.

This would make it available online in the US and without the need for a prescription.

The device has a proven track record in the US, it has been used by medical professionals for over 16 years.

Dr. Toussaint has over 20 years’ experience as an MD who practices natural medicine in Bensheim and created this product to fix his own personal sleep apnea problems.

The Technical Stuff

The Tomed SomnoGuard AP had a little bit of a more complicated setup process than just the boil and bite.

This is because you can mold it to your dental structure more acutely, and it has a few more features that other MAD devices which I tested in the past lack.

There is a full 10mm of adjustment you can set the lower jaw too, allowing those with an overbite or under bite to precisely set the calibration where they want it to be.

For 90% of the snoring population, the cause of snoring is due to the tongue slipping back and blocking the airway, causing vibrations which then lead to snoring.

By adjusting the lower jaw to an exact fit this will keep the airway free from any blockage while sleeping, allowing the body to breathe as much oxygen as possible.

Another difference that makes the SomnoGuard AP stand out is the freedom for lateral movement.  You can move your lower jaw from side to side which is another comfortable feature.  It is two pieces which really makes it easy to clean by taking it apart, and finally it states that it can last 18 months or more.

The high price tag can be justifiable considering all the features and the length of time it can be used for – which is one of the highest lifespans for any MAD device on the market.


Setting up the SomnoGuard AP is a little more of a procedure than setting up other MAD devices.  There are multiple steps and it is not simply a boil and bite process.

I was a little intimidated with everything I had to do to get it fitted properly, but it worked out in the end.  Before doing this process, you will need a few items.

I have one pot to boil water in, one empty bowl to pour the boiling water into, one bowl filled with ice water, my cell phone that I use as a stopwatch, a small pair of scissors, and a slotted spoon to submerge and remove the product from the water.

  • Clean the device before preparing it for fitting. I use room temperature water mixed with toothpaste and dip the product in the water and swirl it around for about a minute
  • Boil some water, and then place the boiling water into the empty bowl.
  • Place the upper tray into the bowl of hot water for 90 seconds. This will soften the material so it can mold to your dental structure.
  • Remove it with the slotted spoon and let it cool for a few seconds so you do not burn your mouth.
  • Insert it into your mouth, and press upwards against your teeth. Do not bite down, only use manual pressure to fit it to your upper jaw.
  • After a few seconds remove it and use the scissors to snip off any material that is hanging off.
  • Boil more water, and then place it into the empty bowl.
  • Dip the lower piece into the hot water for 90 seconds, then remove and let it cool for a few seconds.
  • Attach the lower portion to the upper portion – place both in your mouth and bite down.
  • Remove and trim off any excess material with the scissors.

A lot of work!  Now you can make the precision adjustments to the calibration you want.  This will extend the lower portion of the jaw forward to an exact position, I like to move it forward a considerable amount and adjust as necessary over the next few days of using the device.

Now, I repeated the entire process for my wife and we would finally be ready for bed.

Initial Reaction

Initially I was intimidated by the entire setup process and having so many settings.  Then having to make the exact calibration I wanted to sleep in for the night also created anxiety.

However, after choosing the setting and placing it in my mouth the material and mouthpiece felt comfortable overall.

My wife agreed with me on the comfort and her mouth is more irritable than mine.  The air holes on the product were large enough to allow me to breathe comfortably through my mouth.

Good Morning

The next morning, I felt great and had energy.  I was not lethargic at all and I knew I had slept well.

My jaw was slightly sore, and this could have been due to the fact of the setting I used with the SomnoGuard AP.

I would have to make the necessary adjustments for the following nights and decrease the setting by 1mm or possibly more in the future.  My wife woke feeling great as well and did not have the same soreness that I experienced.  She did however have her calibration setting lower than mine.


  • No snoring, product worked as described
  • Ability to breathe through the mouth.  Big enough air holes so when my allergies are active I can still use the product.
  • Up to 10mm in adjustable calibration.  You can precisely place your jaw in the position you want it to be in, something which not all MAD devices have.
  • FDA cleared.  Using FDA-cleared devices are better since they have to pass rigorous tests for clearance.


  • Cannot be purchased online in the US.  Americans who want to try the device must buy from a physician or dentist.
  • Expensive.  At $150, it is more expensive than almost all other MAD devices on the market.
  • People with crowns, caps, implants, bridges or dentures cannot use the product.  The way MAD devices grip onto the dental structure makes it unusable for people with these issues.
  • Very complicated setup.  Much more in depth than simply doing the boil and bite.


price-200pxThis is one of the most expensive devices I have every come across.  It retails at $150 plus shipping.  Shipping can be anywhere from $7.50 to $10.00.

In the US you must buy it via a physician or dentist.  Outside the US you can make the purchase online.

If you buy from a dentist, they can do the custom fit for you so you do not have to go thru the entire (and difficult) process.

The high price does account for the research, development, trials, and advertising the manufacturer has done.

Final Words

conclusion2The product worked, and I did not snore using it.  My wife was satisfied also.  I like the fact it is so customizable and I can adjust the lower tray where I want my jaw to be; I am able to increase or decrease the calibration as needed.

All this customization comes at a cost, which is the high price, there are other devices that are as effective and as comfortable as this one.

I had some initial soreness as my muscles and jaw got used to the device, but this was fixed after a reduction in the calibration and more time for my mouth to get accustomed to this mouthguard.

The device is also easy to clean, since it can be taken apart and there is a very long (18+) lifespan for the mouthpiece.

Neither of us snored; however, overall I believe there are other mouth guards that are also high quality and have a more reasonable price.  The high cost is an issue when I can use similar products that work just as well for a much lower price point.

If you are looking for an effective but more affordable solution that you can try right away without a doctor’s appointment, I would suggest the Vitalsleep.

Like SomnoGuard AP, it was also designed by a dentist and has been clinically proven to work. It is also FDA-cleared and highly comfortable. Read my review that tells of my positive experience with this product.