Therasnore Review: The Highest Selling Anti Snoring Device Worldwide

therasnore-product-imageMy First Thoughts

Therasnore is owned by a company in the US, Distar, that has been selling the product for over 20 years.  After further research into the company and calling their customer service, which was very helpful, I found that they are sold all over the world by different distributors.

It began as a husband and wife team in the 80s when Dr. Thomas E. Meade, a successful dentist from New Mexico, began researching sleep apnea and snoring.  Eventually he would produce the Therasnore and the Adjustable Therasnore appliance.

The original is recommended if you grind your teeth, but 95% of buyers usually go with the adjustable option.  It is a typical MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that is fully adjustable with five settings.

One downside is that inside the US you need to have a dentist fit the device for you, so I was going to have to make an appointment at my local dentist for my wife and I.  They are billed as ‘the best-selling mouthpiece in the world’ and their site also states that it has a 93% efficacy rate.

Bold claims, I was curious to know – does Therasnore work and I was excited to test it!

properuse-300x288The Technical Stuff

This was another boil and bite process to set up the mouthpiece before using it.  This allows for a custom fit to your specific dental structure for higher effectiveness and comfort.  MAD devices work by extending the jaw throughout the night so the back of your airway remains free from blockage.

Snoring occurs for 90% off the population when the tongue slips toward the back of the throat and blocks this airway.  This creates vibrations which leads to snoring.

A unique point about the Therasnore stop snoring mouth guard is the custom adjustability it has as well.  There are 5 settings you can use depending on how far you want your jaw to be extended.  You can test with a medium or low setting at first and increase it gradually throughout use.

This is a great option for snorers who want to have more control over the precision of where they want the jaw to be set during sleep.

The device is defaulted in the second position, which is only a slight forward extension of the jaw.  Each setting is approximately 1.5mm, so the second setting is about a 3mm advancement.  The edges are soft so there is no irritation if you need to move the setting to the furthest advancement.  Sometimes for me personally, I do have it set this far ahead.

Moving the adjustment is very easy, and a tool Is not needed.  Simply squeeze the edges of the device together and you can then move the setting forward or backward to your liking.

Not needing an extra tool to make the adjustments is a nice thing to have since sometimes the tools are so tiny they can become lost easily.


Fitting a Therasnore differs depending on where you bought the product.  I live inside the United States, so I had to make an appointment with my local dentist to buy the product.  There is a recommended list of dentists all over the United States you can use to make an appointment with to purchase the product.

However, you are also able to use any dentist you wish.  If you have a regular dentist you go see, explain to them your interest in the product and they will call the company and place the order.  That is exactly what my wife and I did.

We then had to go back again after they received the product for the fitting in their office.  You might be surprised to hear that dentists have to use the ‘boil and bite’ method just like I did for other products!  It was a very fast fitting inside my dentists’ office and my wife and I made appointments for the same time.

If you live outside the US, you can simply order the product from one of their distributors and have it delivered to your home.  The product is popular in the UK and Australia.

The Therasnore fitting instructions are included with the packaging outside the US so you can do the entire process yourself.  There are is also a youtube Therasnore fitting video you could watch to help too.  You would then proceed to use the boil and bite setup to fit it to your mouth.

This is a very easy procedure and takes about 10 minutes of setup time.

Once my wife and I both had the device fitted we were ready to go home and try it.  She kept hers on the second setting and I raised my setting up to the fourth since I like to have my jaw extended forward more than hers.

Finally, after making the appointments and going to the dentist’s office we were ready to go home and use the product.

Initial Reaction

 The Therasnore anti-snoring mouthpiece felt fine inside my mouth.  It did not feel large and bulky, and the material did not irritate me at all.  The adjustments were easy to move myself so I was not nervous having to make any settings.

The dentist can make the settings in the office for you, and they do not recommend you set it yourself.  However, in other countries you have no choice and it is the exact same product.  I was fine making adjustments at home since I had so much experience testing anti snoring products.

There were no hard edges, and it felt soft on my teeth and gums.  There were no rubbing issues for me at all.  The fitting the dentist made with the boil and bite felt secure and we were ready to go to sleep.

morning-wake-up-250Good Morning

I woke up the next morning feeling very good.  That was definitely a sign that I had slept well the night before.  My wife agreed with me, she said she had slept well the entire night too and did not hear any snoring coming from my side of the bed.

It looks like my calibration felt perfect at the fourth setting and my wife’s felt the same at the second setting.  My jaw was slightly sore, but this was very normal with MAD devices.

Wearing something gripping your teeth the entire night will create some soreness and the best thing to do is continue wearing it as that soreness will go away after a period of time.

My wife said her jaw felt fine with very little soreness, but remember she was on the second setting only.


  • Successful night of sleep for both my wife and I.  No snoring and felt energized
  • Very long replacement warranty – 1 year which is one of the longest I have ever seen
  • If you are a grinder, you can buy the original Therasnore which is designed for grinders.
  • 5 settings on the adjustable Therasnore which makes using a precise calibration possible for snorers who want maximum customization.
  • States that the product can last up to 2 years, which is very good for the money paid.
  • Cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Products that are cleared by the FDA have a higher quality.
  • Ships worldwide via distributors.  Many countries have access to the device via distributors in their home country.


  • Therasnore cleaning can be difficult.  There are a lot of nooks and crannies to get into which make cleaning it a little more difficult and cumbersome than other devices.
  • Not easy to setup for Therasnore USA customers.  I had to go to a dentist for two visits total before I could actually get home and start wearing it.  Not a quick thing if you want to start using something as soon as possible.
  • If you have implants, dentures, bridges, caps, or crowns you will not be able to wear this device.  The way it grips onto your dental structure makes it not a viable option for these types of snorers.
  • No air holes.  For mouth breathers it was a little difficult to wear.  There is about a 1mm gap between the top tray and bottom tray which allowed me to slightly breathe through my mouth, but if I had to rely on it the entire night I do not think it would be possible.


The Therasnore cost is slightly expensive, priced at $78.65.  However, it is listed as having a lifespan of two years, which is a very long time.  This makes the price worth it, especially with the one-year replacement guarantee.

Check the current Price of the Therasnore

conclusion2Theresnore, does it work?

The product worked as expected, I can see why it is a top selling device worldwide.  I had no snoring and woke up feeling fine.  There are some downsides though, mainly for US customers.

Having to go through two dentist’s appointments is time consuming and expensive.  The product itself is also a little expensive; however, it is listed that it should last up to two years.  If that is the case it clearly pays off buying the device.

Cleaning it constantly can feel like a burden after a while since it is not an easy product to clean.  Another downside is the absence of air holes for comfortable mouth breathing.

Even though there are some negative points, I answered my original question.  I would still recommend this product to snorers as I found that it worked for both my wife and I.

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