VitaSleep Mouthpiece Review – Positives and Negatives

VitalSleep ReviewThe VitaSleep has an interesting backstory and inventor.  David Hernandez came up with the idea after he spent almost $3,000 on anti-snoring devices his dentist had prescribed him!

This motivated him to create something that other snorers could use that was affordable and effective.  He created the Snore Reliever Company in 2010 and teamed up with dentist Dr. Richard Koffler to create the VitaSleep.

When I saw the VitaSleep for the first time my immediate thoughts were how could this be comfortable.  It looks like something out of a horror movie!  The mouthpiece is designed with spacing, one in the middle and two on either side.

Typically MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) devices are without seams, gaps or spaces.  This made me cautious to purchase the product, but the VitaSleep surprised me.  It was not completely flawless though.  I wrote down what I thought of the device and what my wife thought in my sleep journal.

VitalSleep Releases Updated Features (September 17, 2018)

VitalSleep ReviewI’m back with a recent update for the VitalSleep!  They recently redid their design, after about 8 years of using the original one.  As I wrote in my review, I already really liked this product.

I was very excited to see what changes they made – and hoped they would be for the better.  If you want to know right away, they made a great product better.

First, a minor color change.  They went from the original opaque color to a more modern incarnation – solid white with blue tones.  If you were turned off by the ‘medical’ look of the original, this color change does look better.

The newer updated version has a better design that makes it fit better and at the same time making it more comfortable.  There is a harder outer rigid shell and an inner plastic, which is what molds to your teeth when you do the fitting for the product.

With this new version, there is no limit on the amount of times you can fit it to your teeth when you first buy it.  Now, that’s not because our dental impressions will change, but this will make beginners much more comfortable in buying and fitting the product.  You don’t have to worry anymore about ‘ruining’ it in the fitting stage.

Another nice addition is they updated their warranty.  Instead of a 30-day money back guarantee, now it’s 60.  Twice as much time for you to test it and see if you like it.  This is long enough where you will definitely know if it’s a keeper or not.

Finally, there is a free travel case that comes with the VitalSleep.  That’s great and while there are some other products that do include a travel case – not all of them do.  It’s a nice bonus for those that are away from home a lot, simply throw it inside the case and pack it and you’re ready for your trip.

I think the new updates are a great addition, and they are an improvement on an already great mouthpiece, still highly recommended to purchase.

The Technical Stuff

Like other MAD products, this also holds the lower jaw forward.  This allows your airway to be free from obstruction so you snore less or not at all.  I do not have a very svelte throat, there is a lot of fatty tissue there and if my tongue slips back even a little bit may airway will become blocked and viola – that will lead to me snoring.  vitalsleep-how-it-works

Snoring leads to me being exhausted in the morning, and sometimes wakes up my wife so twice as bad!  The good news is that this is not an isolated case, most snorers have similar problems.  Almost all of us have the same cause of snoring which is the tongue slipping back and causing this vibration.  Luckily we have some products such as the VitaSleep to help all of us.

VitaSleep is a little more technical than other MAD devices I have tried.  It does not have its weird shape for no reason!  It is available in two sizes, regular and small.  They recommend the regular size for men and the small size for women.

Perfect for our household.  The regular size is 1.75 inches long and 2.26 inches wide, and 1.03 inches high.  The small size is 1.61 inches long, 2.09 inches wide, and .95 inches high.  Not a big difference, but it is listed as 10% smaller.  This is another “boil and bite” mouthpiece; however, it also has adjustable screws.

I can increase the position of my jaw by adjusting the screws on the mouthpiece up to 7 millimeters.  The boil and bite allows me to custom fit it to my jaw, and another unique part about this mouthpiece is it was easier for me to move my jaw side to side.

Another feature advertised which allows less stress on the jaw, also more comfortable, and more effective protection against grinding your teeth.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxThere were some pluses here already.  I ordered a regular one for me, and the small size for my wife.  After ordering I got the usual email thanking me for placing the order, and got a free ebook “33 Tips to Reclaim a Good Night’s Sleep”.

There were some good tips in there!  I got the product incredibly fast.  It ships the same day and I received it in 2 days.  Super-fast delivery.  The 30-day money back guarantee starts as soon as you receive it, I got it so fast it wouldn’t have mattered if it started when I placed the order!

The package came with some accessories.  The VitaSleep, instruction booklet, a little handle to snap onto the device for when you boil it, and a little lever to adjust the screws with.  The section below goes over how to fit it properly and make the correct adjustments.


This is another device where it takes some preparation before I could start using it.  I had to do another “boil and bite” method to fit it properly, and this product differed a little where you can adjust the screws on it to increase your jaw extension.  One thing I do not like about this method is you only have a certain number of times to get it right.  After 3-4 boils the material will begin to damage.  So, in our house I had to get both mine and my wife’s correctly done!

There are two sizes you can order, so before you go ahead and boil one, make sure the size you will be using is correct.  If not, you can exchange it free of charge for the other size (they only have two available).

Now I prepared the area to get ready.  I started boiling some water, and put a bowl of cold water with ice on the kitchen top for after I fit the device.  The package comes with a handle you can insert into it, so you do not need any tongs this time.

I also had my cell phone to use as a timer.  First you want to make sure the upper and lower parts are in a neutral position, do not make any adjustments to the device before you boil it.  On the side there is a mark so I could see if it was in a neutral position or not, if they are lined up then it is correct.

Next I put the handle into an opening in the back of the piece and snapped it into place.  This will make it easier to submerge it in the boiling water.  Once the water was boiling, I submerged it for only 10 seconds.  This is different than other mouthpieces, so make sure you do not do it any longer or the material will become compromised.

After the 10 seconds is up, you want to find a triangle mark on the device; this will tell you which side should be facing up.  I put the VitaSleep in my mouth, and bit down for approximately 15 seconds.  I then took it out and placed it into the ice water I had waiting on the kitchen top.  After it was hard I put it back in my mouth to make sure it felt fine.

Felt good for me!  Now I had to do it for my wife.  You can always try again if it does not feel correct after the cold water.  But remember you cannot do it more than 3-4 boils or the material will become damaged.

OK, after my wife and I both had boiled ours, put them in the cold water, and tried them again we now had to adjust the screws to move our jaws forward.  I recommend not overextending your jaw the first few nights, take it easy and try a less strenuous setting.  You can always adjust it more as time goes on.

Initial Reaction

This is not the typical MAD device as it has some settings only seen on the VitaSleep.  This worried me at first since adjusting screws was a new concept for me.  After I adjusted the left and right screws, it felt good and I was satisfied to try it for the night.  I had mine near the maximum offset.

My wife did less offset than I, and that’s because her jaw is more sensitive.  I was able to breathe through my mouth with it, which is a big plus for when my allergies or sinuses are bothering me.

My initial impression was this was going to work well because it was molded to my mouth from the boil and bite process, and I could adjust the screws precisely to where I wanted my jaw to be.  Ideal for perfectionists because you will have it in a set position always.

My wife agreed that hers felt comfortable too.  The regular fit me well and the small was a great fit for her.  Looks can be deceiving because it seemed like it would be intrusive and bulky inside my mouth.  Even though it was one size fit all, which sometimes is not the case, this fit fine.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250My wife woke up first this time, and I a little bit later.  I woke up feeling good.  I had energy, which means I slept well throughout the night.  I asked my wife how she felt, and she said she woke up feeling fine also.  I woke up as usual to use the bathroom twice, and can confirm no snoring from her side of the bed.

She explained to me that she woke up once in the night and heard no snoring from me as well.  Surprisingly, my jaw was sore and hers was not.  Usually it’s the other way around.  Overall, my wife had energy and no soreness which was great; I had energy, and a little soreness.

Remember, she had a much lower offset than I did.  I predict this will subside once I use the device more and get used to it in my mouth.  I could always lower the offset if the soreness persists for a long time, but I was not ready to do that yet.  Our daughter confirmed that neither of us were heard snoring throughout the night.


  • Fully adjustable. I really like how you can precisely adjust the right or left screws to exactly how want the jaw to extend.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) and Latex free. Plastics are created with a chemical called BPA.  There are quite a few health hazards associated with BPA.  I obviously like to use products that are not made with this chemical.
  • Cleared by the FDA and made with FDA approved material. Made in the USA.   I prefer products cleared by the FDA since they have to meet certain standards.  Made in the USA is always a plus too.
  • I had no snoring, and woke up feeling refreshed and energized.  My wife agreed as well.  Two votes for an effective product.
  • Not bulky. It seems like this thing will not fit in your mouth, and if it does it will make you feel like Frankenstein.  That was not the case.  It fit well and felt non-intrusive.
  • Mouth breathing. I like the MAD devices that allow me to breathe through my mouth for occasions when my sinuses are giving me problems.
  • Free replacements for a year with no shipping costs. This is amazing.  If for any reason you need it replaced you can send it back to the company and they will send you a new one for free.
  • Money back guarantee for 60 days.
  • 1-Year warranty that includes free replacements for any reason.
  • Designed by a dentist and a snorer! Remember this was the invention of a person just like you or I who wanted to fix their sleeping problems caused by snoring
  • Free travel case included.

Who can use it?

This is perfect for people who prefer to use mouth breathing devices.  If you have any kind of nasal issues (polyps, deviated septum, sinus infection, allergies), you will be able to use this to sleep and will sleep great.

If you have a sensitive jaw and are worried about soreness, this is a great device to use also because you can adjust the screws to fit your needs.  If you feel your jaw is too far extended, or you are too sore simply readjust the screws to where you want the lower part of the piece to be.  The BPA and latex free was also a plus as I did not have any kind of mouth irritation from wearing the device. 


  • Cleaning problems. This is not the easiest device in the world to clean.  There are too many nooks and crannies to get into.  Doing this day after day can get tiresome.
  • Small accessories. The snap on plastic for boiling the device you might only need once.  However, the tool that comes with it to adjust the screws I can see being lost very easily.
  • If you have had any dental work done, this device is not recommended. Dentures, crowns, or caps will not be able to use the VitalSleep.
  • A little complicated to start using. Needs adjustments, it is not an open and use product.

Who cannot use it?

There are a few types of people who should steer clear of this product.  If you have loose teeth or a few kinds of dental work done, you will not be able to use this product.  If you have a full set of dentures you will not be able to use it, missing teeth, bridges, crowns or people with overbites should not purchase this product either.

If, however, you have only a few missing teeth in the back you could buy this.  The reason being is the device attaches to your lower jaw via your teeth.  If you have any sort of issues there, this will cause further dental problems.  The good news is there is another device you can try which works great for people with dental problems.

I tested it personally and recommend it, it is Good Morning Snore Solution TRD (Tongue Retaining Device).  Instead off attaching to your teeth, this holds the tongue preventing you from snoring.  Perfect for people who cannot use MAD devices.


price-200pxVitaSleep has an excellent price point.  For one the price is $59.95.  If you want to buy two it will cost $99.95.  This reduces the per unit price to $49.97.  Shipping is $7.95 whether you buy one or two. A very good deal.

As usual the houses with two snorers get a better deal than if you are alone.  There is a 60-day money back guarantee if you decide not to keep it.  We both liked the device so we had no need for any returns.

Another plus for the company is if you need any replacements, they are free for a year at no shipping cost to you.  I have not seen this offer before, I think it is a very good idea for other businesses to follow suit.

Check the Current Price of Vitalsleep

My Last Words

I really liked the VitalSleep.  The price point is perfect, and the company’s reputation is outstanding.

Free replacements for a year honestly blew me away.  The functionality of it worked great too (most important part, right?).  Both my wife and I slept well throughout the night and did not snore.

I love how you can precisely adjust the bottom part of the mouthpiece to where you need it to be.  I was able to breathe through my mouth perfectly fine, and had no irritation by using it either.

It was not as bulky as I initially thought it would be.  The only minor issue I had was jaw soreness, remember I tried it on the maximum offset.  This is a great anti-snoring device to buy and use and I fully recommend it.

UPDATE:  After using the VitalSleep for over 3 weeks, I have perfectly adjusted the screws to where I like them to be.  My soreness is completely gone, and I feel great.

My wife loves it, don’t forget she had no soreness from day one since she started out with a very low offset.  We are both sleeping great, feeling energized and the soreness is completely gone.  Highly recommended product!

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