ZQuiet Review: One Of The Best That I Tried

zquietZQuiet is one of the biggest names on the market for anti-snoring devices, so naturally I had high expectations.

I had already tried numerous other products, and this one was one of the best that I tried.  However, it was not flawless.

My wife and I were surprised at the different features the it has that other products do not.  Although I have documented in my journal many mouthpieces to date, this one really stands out.

The Technical Stuff

This is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that, unlike others, allows you to breathe completely naturally through your mouth and nose.  I was also able to open and close my mouth while wearing it.

ZQuiet has a patent pending Living Hinge technology which allowed me to move my jaw comfortably at night.


Basically, the mouthpiece has a hinge which connects the top part of the mouthpiece with the bottom part.  This allowed me to open and close my mouth as normal.  As advertised, I was even able to talk and drink while wearing the device.  I was surprised!

ZQuiet also boasts it is designed to fit everyone.  I have a great household to test this because my jaw is larger than my wife’s, and if needed we could try to fit one on our daughter as well.  She doesn’t snore, but as parents it’s our job to annoy her.

The device is easily adjustable for a smaller mouth by trimming the appliance with a small pair of scissors.  ZQuiet does not contain any latex or BPA (Bisphenol A), and is made from a thermoplastic elastomer.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxLike all the other products reviewed on here, I ordered one for me and one for my wife.  I got a quick email reply after I placed the order saying thank you and giving me some details on the order.

I got the ZQuiet remarkably fast, only 4 days after I ordered it arrived at my house.  Good service already.

Inside the package were 2 ZQuiets, a thank you note, an instruction booklet, and a case to keep it in (which is nice, because my wife drools way too much on her mouthpieces!).

The reason there are two in the package is because they are slightly different sizes.  One Zquiet moves your lower jaw a little more forward than the other.

If you prefer to have your lower jaw extended more, then you can use that one.  The extension of the lower jaw prevents the back of your tongue from slipping back and blocking your airway, one of the most common causes of snoring.

You can read what the U.S. National Library has to say officially on snoring here.

I opted to use the one that moved my jaw forward more, while my wife used the one that did not.  Before wearing it, I first cleaned it with soap.  Then I soaked the product in warm tap water for a minute according to the instructions and was ready for a good night’s sleep.

Feeling Good

Placing the product in my mouth for the first time, it felt extremely pliable and soft.  Not a good sign, since usually the softer the mouthpiece the more your jaw can move when you sleep.

Usually these anti-snoring devices want to keep your jaw in one rigid position to prevent you from snoring.  All the MAD products I have tried were designed like this.  It made sense since the less your mouth moved, the less chance to snore.  Right away I explained to my wife what I thought.

I was proven completely wrong though!  You should never assume something until you try it, the experience is the only way to find what will work for you.

I started off with the least offset to see how that would fit and get accustomed to it.  It felt fine, but I quickly decided to move up to the larger offset.  As described, with the Living Hinge technology I was able to talk while I had in my mouth.

When my wife spoke I could understand her, but it’s more like listening to someone speak with a sports guard in their mouth.  After laying down the drool started to build up as usual; however, that subsided quickly as my mouth grew accustomed to having the device inside it.

I found the ZQuiet not as intrusive, smooth and overall easy to wear.  However, the real test had not begun yet!  Time for my wife and I to go to sleep.

Waking Up

morning-wake-up-250I must admit, I felt good waking up in the morning.  I feel much better and well rested when I do not snore a lot during the night.  My wife confirmed this since she told me I snored very lightly and most of the night I did not snore at all.

I did not wake her up with my snoring, which is a good sign!  I can actually say the same for her, while she was sleeping I only woke up twice to go to the bathroom (this could be an issue for another website).

The only problem was my lower teeth slightly hurt.  This might be due the fact that I went with the device that pushes the lower jaw forward more.  I think there is a tradeoff here.

If you use the device that does not offset your jaw as much, you will snore more but your teeth will not be as sore.  If you use the device that offsets your jaw more, you will snore less but your teeth will be more sore.

It seems the device pushes down on your teeth to extend your jaw forward.  I asked my wife how she felt and she agreed, she felt well rested.  The two times I woke up in the night I had not heard her snoring at all.

Looks like we had a double success.


  • Felt well rested in the morning, and wife confirmed minimal to no snoring.
  • Soft and flexible, feels good in my mouth and is not invasive.
  • You are able to speak with it in your mouth. The hinge that connects the pieces together allows for speaking.
  • Airflow lets you breathe through your nose and mouth. The key point for those who either prefer to breathe through their mouth or because of allergies/sinuses have no options but to breathe through their mouths.
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) or latex. Another good point.  BPA is an industrial chemical used to make plastics.  There are numerous health hazards associated with it.  Read more about BPA from the FDA here. Scary stuff!
  • Designated a class II medical device by the FDA. FDA designated products are better to use, since they have to meet certain standards
  • Low trial price. If you are looking to test before you buy, at $9.95 it is a great offer.
  • 2 sizes to try for lower jaw extension. Another good option.  You can choose to use the mouthpiece that does not extend your lower jaw forward as much or the mouthpiece that pushes it forward a little more.

Who can use it

  • I have to admit, ZQuiet is comfortable and has some great features.  Being able to speak and breathe through your nose and mouth are excellent advantages over other mouthpieces.  If you feel the need to desperately speak or drink with an anti-snoring device in your mouth, this is one of the only options.   Once you get used to it, it does feel more comfortable.
  • It did not irritate my skin or sinus cavities.  If you have other medical issues such as a deviated septum or nasal polyps, the ZQuiet’s airflow ports are a big plus.
  • People who breathe through their mouths at night will find this device very useful.  If you do not have dental work done or overbites, this product is a must have for people who sometimes or often exclusively breathe through their mouths at night.


  • Jaw felt sore first few nights. If you are sensitive or have a low pain threshold this will be an issue.  Solving one problem and creating another is not ideal.
  • Teeth felt loose first few nights. If you have weak teeth or bone structure this will be another issue.
  • Possibly difficult customer service for returns.
  • Not for people with dentures, crowns, caps. This is a mandatory cannot use.  If you have had any of the previous three dental work done, you will not be able to wear this product.
  • Not for people with overbites. Another situation where people with overbites cannot use the product.  The mouthpiece pushes the lower jaw forward.  People with overbites will not be able to put their jaws in that position.

Who cannot use it

  • It will depend on which of your teeth are missing and how strong they are.  If you have strong upper and lower teeth in the front of your mouth the device will work.
  • Those who have bridges, crowns, or missing teeth could possibly use the ZQuiet as well.  This will also depend on where exactly your dental work has been done.  Again, the front teeth are the most important consideration.  If you have your bridges, crowns, or caps on your front teeth, MAD devices will not be a good solution for you.  The pressure they place on the front teeth will cause more dental issues.
  • People who have overbites should also be weary of using this product.  You probably have an overbite if you cannot comfortably move the lower part of your jaw in front of the upper part of your jaw.  You could always consult your dentist if you have any questions or concerns to be 100% positive if you should or should not use a MAD device.


price-200pxZQuiet now has a $9.95, 30-day trial price, which is basically the cost of shipping.

After 35 days from the date of delivery your credit card will be charged $79.95.  So, within the 30-day timeframe you can ship back the product and you will not be charged again.

Please note that the $9.95 is not refundable.  I had no issues with any of the charges since I decided to keep the product and use it regularly.

Check The Current Price of ZQuiet

My Last Words

conclusion2The ZQuiet is one of my preferred anti-snoring devices.  It does not irritate my mouth at all and being able to breathe through my mouth is a significant advantage over other products.

I like how there is no latex or BPA used in the making of the product either.  If I have a sinus infection or my nose is stuffed up, I can always use this without any issues.

As far as effectiveness, my snoring is almost non-existent.  My wife says I still snore while using this product; however, when I do snore, it is barely noticeable.  The price point is great if you are looking to try something with the option to return.

Altogether, the positives far outweigh the negatives and I am extremely happy with the ZQuiet.  The value you get for the low price is well worth it.  I would recommend this product as an excellent MAD device for anyone looking to purchase one.

UPDATE:  After using the ZQuiet for a few weeks my teeth and jaw feel better.  It takes a while for your mouth to become accustomed to using it, but once it does the soreness improves tremendously.

The soreness gradually got better daily, and honestly by the end of the second week it was hardly noticeable at all.  My mouth feels better, and according to my wife the snoring is still minimal.  Two wins since I wake up feeling really well rested.

Official site:  www.zquiet.com