Zyppah Mouthpiece Review

zyppah-rxWhen I first started researching this product, I found out that ZYPPAH is designed by a dentist with over 30 years of experience.  Dr. Johnathan Greenburg spent 10 years doing research on how to stop snoring and sleep apnea.  I was really excited to try this product since it had that kind of credentials.

The majority of the anti-snoring devices I tested were MAD devices, and this one was a hybrid between the two, a MAD and a TRD appliances.  It combines the best of both worlds.

A TRD holds the tongue down, and a MAD device extends the jaw.

The Zyppah functions as both.  I have to say this one was one of the best devices I tested, and the mixed functionality actually pays off.  There was the standard setup process with “boil and bite” MAD devices, but once you properly fit the device there is not much upkeep.

Like always, I kept track of all my thoughts and my wife’s thoughts in my sleep journal.

The Technical Stuff

ZYPPAH hybrid action (click to enlarge)

ZYPPAH hybrid action (click to enlarge)

This is not the typical MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device).  It does in fact push the jaw forward like all other MAD devices, but it also holds the tongue down like a TRD device does.

It is designed to hold and push the jaw forward as well as hold the tongue so the back of your throat is not blocked by the tongue.

I have fatty tissue in the back of my throat, and when my tongue slips back and blocks the airway, this causes vibrations, which leads to snoring.  Throughout my research, I discovered that most people who snore suffer from this. 

A large majority of us snorers have this problem.   When you are not blocking the airway, your body gets sufficient oxygen and thus, resulting in better sleep and feeling better when waking up.

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

Dr. Greenburg created different versions of the Zyppah.  There is an online Zyppah, which is the most popular and you do not need a prescription in the U.S. when you order.

The other three types, you can only order with a prescription directly from a Snore No More center.  At one of the Snore No More centers you can get to talk to Dr. Greenburg directly!

At any of the centers, a qualified dentist will fit the device and get you set up, and these devices are much more expensive than the online versions.  My first concern with all this was it sounded complicated. 

I was not near any facility so I had to go with the online version.  My review below is for the one I purchased online with no prescription.

Product Delivery

delivery-250pxI ordered one for my wife and one for me.  I got her the pink one and for myself I got the green and black one, and there is a discount for when you order two.

Perfect for “snoring couples” such as us.  I got the email saying thanks for the order and waited for everything to arrive.

The box arrived very fast I got it within 3 days.  The box was simple, and contained the device, the storage case, and the instruction manual.

I recommend reading the instruction manual since this mouthpiece takes some initial adjustments and preparation.  I cover that preparation process below.


This varies among other products I have reviewed.  The Zyppah device needs to be fitted to your mouth by boiling it and then inserting it in your mouth and fitting it yourself.  I have to admit I always get nervous with this part, but most MAD devices require this kind of setup.  I was the first to do this, and my wife would watch, then we would fit hers onto her jaw.

I got the necessary things ready I would be using.  A mirror, something to boil water in, something else to hold some ice water in (pot, bowl, etc.), something to grab onto the mouthpiece (tongs are perfect), and something to keep time (I used my cell phone).

So, after receiving it I cleaned it first as I do with all of the products when I first receive them.  I had to place the Zyppah in boiling water, so before that step I had to figure out how it goes in my mouth first.  The bottom part has the brand name written across it, and the top part does not.

The first step was to get some water boiling.  While I was boiling water I filled the extra bowl with some ice water too, I wanted to keep this bowl cold so if the ice melts I had more ready to throw in there.  After the water had got to a boiling point, I turned the stovetop off.

I grabbed onto the Zyppah with the tongs and submerged it for 60 seconds.  I let it cool off a bit because this was about to go in my mouth!  It was important that I did not touch it where I was going to place it inside my mouth because the mouthpiece was very malleable right now.

This will fit into everyone’s mouths differently, so by boiling it in the water it, then placing it into your mouth it will mold into a shape that is specific only to your mouth.

With the mirror I placed the Zyppah onto my lower jaw, and had my teeth touching exactly where the black plastic meets the green plastic.

When I had my teeth lined up properly I extended my lower jaw forward.  This part is important because you want the jaw to be in the position you want to sleep in.

When I thought I had everything lined up correctly, my jaw and teeth in the positions I wanted them in, I bit down and closed my mouth for another 60 seconds.

After the second 60 seconds was up, I took out the device and put it entirely into the ice water.  Time varies for this part, but I left it in there for a bit to make sure it was completely hardened.

I took it out, put it back in my mouth and it felt fine!  I was satisfied.  If you think you did something wrong, you can start all over again.  One thing I did not like is that you have a limited number of times to do this (3 or 4).

If someone has to do this a few times, it will affect the material.  Now I had to repeat the entire process again for my wife.  Marriage is great, isn’t it?

First Impression

MAD devices extend the jaw forward so the airway has more space and does not become blocked when the tongue slips back.  The Zyppah goes one step further and stabilizes the tongue as well.  I was also able to breathe through my mouth when I was wearing it, which I liked.

If my sinuses or allergies are flaring up, I can use this device to breathe normally.  All in all, my initial reaction was this was going to work well.  My jaw was slightly extended forward and the strap was holding my tongue in place.

Once it was in, it felt surprisingly comfortable; even though it looks more like a torture device!    My wife agreed and hers felt comfortable as well.  Our jaws really vary in size, so it was good it fit both of us.  It felt different than other mouthpieces I tried in the past because of the strap holding my tongue in place.

I was concerned initially that the tongue strap would trigger my gag reflex, but it was not as far back as I thought it would be.  I thought the product was easy to wear, and not as invasive as other MAD devices I have tried.  There is also an airflow hole on the device so you can do some mouth breathing if necessary.  Perfect, I was now ready to test it for the night.

Good Morning

morning-wake-up-250The first morning I woke up with it, I felt rested and had energy.  As you know, this means I slept well.  If my energy levels are low in the morning it is because I snored throughout the night.  Once my wife woke up, I asked her how she felt and if she heard me snoring at all.

She said no snoring from me, and I confirmed the same for her.  I woke up two times to use the restroom, and did not hear a sound coming from her side of the bed.  There was some soreness I had on my jaw, however.

In my experience, this is normal the initial night as your jaw gets used to wearing something new.  Each mouthpiece is different and will not position your jaw like another.  Also factor in the fact that some are larger than others and your mouth will be in different positions.  Usually this subsides after a few nights once you get accustomed to what you are wearing.  Surprisingly, my wife said her jaw was sore.

Usually she does not experience soreness like I do.  We saw our daughter in the morning and asked her how we slept, and she said not a sound from either of us.  Fantastic!


  • Hybrid functionality. Best of both worlds.  Holds the tongue down like a TRD, and extends the jaw like a MAD.
  • No snoring. One of the key ranking factors for me, obviously.  Woke up feeling good, and wife did too.
  • Surprisingly comfortable despite how it looks. Tongue strap was not an issue for gag reflex and material felt fine.
  • Good fit. Once you do the boil and bite method, you can get it to a more unique fit for your mouth than other devices I have tried.
  • Another MAD device with an airflow allows me to breathe through my mouth if need be.  A necessity for when my sinuses are acting up!  Good for anyone with sinus or allergy issues.
  • Cleared by the FDA and the business is an accredited member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). If a product is cleared by the FDA, that is preferable to one that is not.
  • Good money back guarantee for 90 days. No shipping or handling charges.  Which is nice because a lot of devices charge $9 and upwards for shipping.  You have to remember to factor that shipping into the total price of what you are paying.
  • Dentist designed with centers around California. OK, this is not a big deal if you are not in California, but if you are you can go to one of the centers if need be.  It is good to know that there are centers available.

Who can use it?

All in all, this was an excellent product for me because of my sinuses and nasal issues.  The airflow is a great thing to have.  If this is you, you will enjoy the Zyppah.

After using it for a bit it does feel more comfortable.

There was no irritation inside my mouth or skin.  Other than sinus issues, other types of conditions are ok for using the Zyppah – nasal issues if you have nasal polyps or a deviated septum – this will work great too.

If you have the necessity to breathe through your mouth in the night, this device will be useful for you.          


  • Again, not a device to be used by people with dental work. If you have dentures, crowns or caps sadly this is not a product for you to use.  Check out my other reviews on TRD or chin strap products if you fall into this category.
  • Jaw soreness. First couple nights I did have some soreness, and so did my wife.  It went away for both of us eventually, but it was there initially.
  • Complicated to get started. It is definitely not an open the box and go to bed product.  Takes some set up beforehand so you can get ready to get to sleep.  Also, not an easy setup and I was a little nervous!
  • If you have an overbite this is not a good product for you either.  This device, like other MAD devices pushes the jaw forward.  If you have an overbite you will not be able to do this.

Who cannot use it?

Like other MAD devices, this one has restrictions for the people who can and cannot use it.  If you have had any type of dental work done, sadly this is not something you will be able to use.  People with full dentures should not purchase this product.

If you have missing teeth, you most likely should not buy this, unless the missing teeth are strong and only in the back.  If your teeth are strong in the front you can give this a try.

Bridges, crowns or people with overbites should not use the product either.  If you have an overbite, this product will not be able to extend the jaw forward in the position it needs to be in so you do not snore.


price-200pxZyppah is a good deal by itself, and a great one if you get two.  For one it will set you back $89.95.  If you have two snorers in the house like I do, you get a little better deal.

Two cost $149.95 together, and if you figure out the per unit price it comes to $79.95.  Not bad.

You get a 90-day money back guarantee also.  No issues for me since I kept it.

Check the Current Price of ZYPPAH

My Last Words

I have to admit, the Zyppah ranks up there with some of the best I have tried.  There was no skin irritation and it has airflow so I can breathe through my mouth when my sinuses are acting funny.

I can confirm that the hybrid functionality works as advertised.

I was extremely satisfied how the product both held down my tongue and extended my jaw forward.  According to my wife, my snoring was not even audible, and this was confirmed by the fact I woke up feeling great and with a lot of energy.

The price is a little above average, but still reasonable.  This is without a doubt one of the best MAD devices I have tried.

UPDATE:  I have used the Zyppah for almost a month now and there is no soreness at all anymore.  More importantly is my wife’s soreness is also gone!  In the beginning she had a more tender jaw than I did, but after almost a month hers is gone.

Like other devices it just takes some time for your mouth to get used to it.  Once it does you are fine.  So now I am sleeping good, wake up feeling energized, and no more soreness in the morning either.

Official site:  www.zyppah.com